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      The finals of The Tall Ships Races 2024 coming soon. What do we already know?

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      The finals of The Tall Ships Races 2024 coming soon. What do we already know?

      After a seven-year break, the Great Sailing Ships are returning to Szczecin. Before we welcome international crews at the foot of the Chrobry Embankment and play their flag hymns, they will be competing in The Tall Ships Races and fighting for victory.

      This year’s regatta will begin in Klaipeda. From there, the competing vessels will sail to Helsinki, where the first stage of the race will officially end and the first Friendship Cruise to Tallinn will begin.

      Tallinn will also mark the start of the second stage, which will end in Turku. This year, we will have two Friendship Cruises ‒ one from Helsinki to Tallinn and the other from Turku to Mariehamn. The last, and at the same time the longest, stage of the regatta, with the grand finale in Szczecin, will start in Mariehamn.


      The start list is filling up with more and more entries every day, and the race is still almost five months away! The organisers are keeping a close eye on the registrations. By the end of January, their number had already exceeded 60! Among them, eight Class-A tall ships have confirmed their presence.

      Guayas, an Ecuadorian vessel that is almost 79 metres long, will moor at the foot of the Chrobry Embankment for the very first time, said Celina Wołosz, Spokesperson for Żegluga Szczecińska Turystyka Wydarzenia. In 2007, its crew won the major award during the Mediterranean edition of The Tall Ships Races the Friendship Trophy awarded by secret ballot, with votes cast by the captains.

      Cisne Branco, the Brazilian White Swan already well known in Szczecin, will be another exotic attendee, alongside the German three-masted schooner Grossherzogin Elisabeth. There will also be some Polish representatives. Fryderyk Chopin, Kapitan Głowacki and the largest Polish training sailing ship, Dar Młodzieży, will mark their presence at the end of the regatta.



      CLASS A:

      • FRYDERYK CHOPIN, Poland
      • ROALD AMUNDSEN, Germany
      • KAPITAN GŁOWACKI, Poland
      • POGORIA, Poland
      • DAR MŁODZIEŻY, Poland
      • CISNE BRANCO, Brazil
      • GUAYAS, Ecuador

      CLASS B:

      • ASTRID, Finland
      • BETTY, Denmark
      • BONAWENTURA, Poland
      • BRABANDER, Lithuania
      • CONSTANTIA, Sweden
      • EXCELSIOR, United Kingdom
      • GENERAŁ ZARUSKI, Poland
      • HIIUINGEL, Estonia
      • IHANA, Finland
      • JOHANN SMIDT, Germany
      • RUPEL, Belgium
      • SVANHILD, Finland
      • VALBORG, Finland
      • ALBANUS, Finland
      • GRATITUDE, Sweden
      • JENS KROGH, Denmark
      • CHRISTIANIA, Norway
      • INGRID, Finland
      • PASCUAL FLORES, Spain
      • AGLAIA, Germany

      CLASS C:

      • BELFER, Poland
      • BELFER II, Poland
      • CYKAS, Poland
      • FARUREJ, Poland
      • HELENA, Finland
      • NAVIGATOR, Finland
      • ODISEJA, Lithuania
      • SAEFTINGHE, Belgium
      • SPANIEL, Latvia
      • ST IV, Estonia
      • THERMOPYLAE CLIPPER, United Kingdom
      • TORNADO, Poland
      • VESTA, Estonia
      • WILLIWAW, Belgium
      • ESPRIT, Germany
      • ZRYW, Poland
      • BIES, Poland
      • GRETEL, Estonia
      • VAHINE, Finland
      • GEDANIA, Poland

      CLASS D:

      • ASTA, Germany
      • AURANTYTTO, Finland
      • LIETUVA, Lithuania
      • PATRICIA, Belgium
      • TARA, Denmark
      • TOKKA-LOTTA, Finland
      • DAR SZCZECINA, Poland
      • URTICA, Poland
      • LINDA, Estonia
      • ANYA, Finland
      • THEIA, Finland
      • MERIKAPY, Finland
      • HENRIKA, Finland
      • ARIES, United Kingdom
      • MERISISSI III, Finland
      • TORNADO II, Poland



      Taking part in the Tall Ships Races and racing with the world’s largest sailing ships is within reach. Recruitment for the Szczecin National Team is open until 29 February. Three Szczecin yachts ‒ Dar Szczecina, Zryw and Urtica ‒ will be sailing in the two-stage race.

      Young sailors will be competing in two stages:

      • I (22.06.2024 – 13.07.2024) Szczecin – Klaipeda (Lithuania) – Helsinki (Finland) – Tallinn (Estonia)
      • II (13.07.2024 – 05.08.2024) Tallinn (Estonia) – Turku (Finland) – Mariehamn (Åland Islands) –Szczecin

      To become a member of the Szczecin Sailing Team, you must: be at least 18 years old (on 20.06.2024 at the latest), live, study or work in Poland, be a creative person who is not afraid of taking up challenges, and know at least one foreign language to a communicative degree, explained Celina Wołosz.


      On 2-5 August, Szczecin’s Łasztownia and the Chrobry Embankment will be hosting sailors, as vessels from all over the world will arrive in Szczecin. That is why we need (voluntary) liaison officers and volunteers for the event to support the organiser in coordinating all activities.

      We are looking for people who are at least 18 years old (volunteers) or 20 years old (liaison officers), know at least one foreign language, are available and open to new challenges, and would like to join us in organising the Grand Finale of Tall Ships in Szczecin, said Celina Wołosz.


      Read more about the rules of recruitment on

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