The investment transformation of Szczecin: When history has come full circle

Marta Kufel

Marta Kufel

The investment transformation of Szczecin: When history has come full circle

Cultural, educational and sporting event spaces as well as leisure and entertainment venues -  these developments have been widely discussed and written about. Although each has a different character, in their novel forms, they are all connected with the history of Szczecin and several generations of our city’s inhabitants.

Historic Villa

Constructed in the late 19th century, the historic  Lentz Villa is a new cultural institution. The property, located in Wojska Polskiego Ave., has undergone comprehensive restoration & renovation. The work involved not only modernising the building itself and adapting its interiors to host a wide range of cultural activities. The implementation of the project is primarily about meticulous conservation and restoration of the authentic atmosphere of a factory owner’s residence from the second half of the 19th century. A comprehensive programme of restoration work included, in particular, stained-glass windows, wood and natural stone elements, and decorative details. The outdoor garden areas have also been revitalised.

An iconic scene reinvented

Operating since the late 1960s,  Słowianin Culture Centre has become a landmark venue over the years. Indeed, it is one of the distinctive places on the map of Szczecin, where famous Polish and foreign rock bands have performed on stage. The building itself, located in Korzeniowskiego St., which houses  the Słowianin CC, has recently undergone extensive modernisation. The renovation work focused mainly on the top floor. It has been comprehensively rebuilt.

These works resulted in the construction of a new concert hall, artist facilities, office and conference space, plus catering facilities. Furthermore, a programme of conservation work was also implemented, including the restoration of the building’s clay brick façade.

Redesigned exhibition space

The Museum of Technology and Transport is a must-see for visitors to our city. The old tram depot in Niemierzyńska St. is home to memorabilia of Szczecin’s transport and automotive history, the former People’s Republic of Poland and even the products of two generations of the Szczecin Stoewer family. In 2022, the museum gained additional space. The building located in Niemierzyńska St. was comprehensively renovated. Interiors underwent general renovation. These accommodate additional exhibition halls, as well as education rooms and administrative space. Alongside the renovation of the building, a new link facility was built. This provides a new entrance to the museum, cloakrooms, a reception area and an exhibition area with the possibility of hanging exhibits. It is within the new premises of the museum that a moto-experimentarium has been set up, where, through 15 interactive stations, visitors get a chance to learn how vehicles are built or how to ensure safety on the road.

The country’s most beautiful summer stage

The H. Majdaniec Summer Theatre, located in the south-western part of Kasprowicz Park, is the venue for major concerts with stars, celebrations and local events, but also for ordinary meetings in unusual surroundings. The origins of the facility date back to the 1930s. In recent years, the structure has undergone a major metamorphosis. The stage and auditorium were extended. The characteristic reinforced concrete arch was renovated and restored, and a new canopy was added. Significantly, an advanced stage system has been installed. This includes the illumination of the venue, additional lighting, winches for the rapid installation of scenery and a sound system.

The Black Pearl

Brand new covered stands and an extended training complex highlight one of the greatest recent investments in Szczecin. The Florian Krygier City Stadium has undergone tremendous transformation. The old facility located in Twardowskiego St. was demolished. Instead, a modern sports complex was built with complete facilities for athletes, administrative departments, fans, and the media.

Due to its distinctive façade, the new stadium was already nicknamed the “black pearl” during the construction work. Importantly, the project included the development of training facilities. The Children and Youth Training Centre is a separate building with changing rooms, wellness and exercise areas. Training pitches have also been created around the stadium, including one multi-season pitch, consisting of an air dome enabling classes and training sessions during the autumn and winter.

Water-related leisure and education

The Water Factory is an aquatic educational park that has been created in a place associated with water recreation by generations of Szczecin residents. The Gontynka and, even before that, the pre-war Grüne Wiese swimming baths hosted crowds of visitors thirsting for fun in the water. The Water Factory in its new form, which combines recreation, entertainment and education, will enable this tradition to continue.

The construction has come to an end and the long-awaited opening of the entire complex, which has been divided into several zones, will soon follow. The indoor zone of the Aquapark consists of 14 interior swimming pools comprising leisure pools with massagers and loungers as well as a sports pool. There are also two water caves, a water playground, four spa tubs, six indoor slides, an interactive game, and puzzle rooms. During the summer season, an outdoor pool area consisting of two pools, a water playground, and five outdoor slides will be available. An interactive playground will be open for children. Both a beach and a sand-surfaced multi-functional pitch will also be available.

The sauna facilities, located on three storeys, has 16 saunas - each with a unique design. In the Havana sauna, visitors can experience the Caribbean climate, the Paradise Island sauna takes guests to an exotic beach and the Volcano one lets them experience being at the foot of a hot volcano. The sauna facilities also include massage rooms, beer baths, relaxation areas, a Kneipp path, a sauna terrace, a brine graduation tower, cooling pools and an ice grotto.

Athletes and enthusiasts alike will enjoy a climbing wall with routes of varying difficulty. There is also a bowling alley and an amphitheatre, which in winter will be transformed into an ice rink with an ice track.

Meanwhile, in the Water Factory Education Centre, each visitor will experience an extraordinary journey from the cosmos to the depths of the seas and oceans; learn about the history of our civilisation and find out plenty of interesting facts about the human body. Across six thematic blocks, full of multimedia and hands-on exhibits, visitors can be inspired to discover the mysteries of science. Guests will be accompanied by virtual guides in the form of famous YouTubers. There will also be laboratories and a water playground where one can create rainbows and clouds or build a dam and launch a ship.

Stay tuned!

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