Fabryka Wody’s Sauna Zone is now up and runnning!

Marta Kufel

Marta Kufel

Fabryka Wody’s Sauna Zone is now up and runnning!

Visit the Sauna Zone to enter a world of relaxation, leisure and health. 

“A trip around the world in just one day? Now it’s possible with Szczecin’s Fabryka Wody Aquapark. In addition to a plethora of water attractions, it features one of Poland’s biggest saunariums, boasting a variety of interior designs and taking visitors on a journey to far-away and exotic lands,” said Piotr Zieliński, Fabryka Wody’s Spokesman.

Levitation and sauna for children

Level one is the wellness&spa zone, featuring massage parlours, beerspas and Turkish baths.
 Visitors can also experience sensual thrills in a floating capsule as they drift on water in a levitation-like state. The capsule cuts off external stimuli, creating a soothing environment to help you decompress. Children’s “saunas” will be available as well – one is themed around building blocks and the other offers a cinematic experience, with age-appropriate films screened for the young ones. In fact , both rooms are steam baths featuring temperatures that are safe for children. The idea behind these spaces is to educate the young ones about how to properly immerse oneself in the sauna experience. Level one also includes a Turkish bath, offering a ritual that follows the sequence of taking a sauna, a cold shower and whole-body massages. Our guests can also use our massage parlours and beerspas.

Saunaing under the sky

Level two takes us to the saunarium proper, which is naturally a textile-free area. The central part is the sauna lounge, where guests can rest and access all the sauna rooms. It has an interesting feature in the form of an ETFE skylight to control how much heat and sunlight is let into the room, as well as to allow sunbathing. At level two, the aroma of freshly ground coffee in the air will entice guests to visit the Hawaiian sauna. The marinist sauna will takes us under a starry marine sky in which the benches are shaped like boat hulls. In the volcano sauna, you will be surrounded by sound and visual effects simulating the experience of being at the foot of a volcano. Level two also features an emperor’s bath, a caldarium, an origami sauna, a brine graduation tower, as well as a bar pool and a small cold plunge pool.

Sauna rituals in the desert

To get to level three, visitors will use the staircase or lift, which connect all levels of the saunarium. There, you will find a bounty island, a herbal and rose bath exuding the aroma of essential oils, and a banya. You can also use the Kneipp's path, a chillout room, as well as a snow room and a sauna with a fireplace. Two large ritual saunas form the main features of the saunarium's third level. The highlight of the castle sauna is the wall and ceiling finish made of brick tiles, with a distinctive cross vault. In the desert sauna, the sauna oven is centrally located,  surrounded by benches with the wavy shape of dunes. This is where you experience the amazing ritual sessions.

The saunarium is complemented by the open-air rest space. This so-called sauna terrace features loungers and spa bathtubs, as well as a large cold plunge pool that can be entered directly from the desert sauna.

Full details will soon be available on fabrykawody.eu

Stay tuned!

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