Fabryka Wody’s Edukatorium education centre. Here you will be seized by a whirlpool of science!

Marta Kufel

Marta Kufel

Fabryka Wody’s Edukatorium education centre. Here you will be seized by a whirlpool of science!

Science does not need to be boring at all. On the contrary, it can be engaging and fascinating and can encourage you to explore the mysteries of the world, and this is what you’re bound to experience at Edukatorium.

The Edukatorium centre at Fabryka Wody (Water Factory) is a unique place where everyone will have a chance to embark on a journey through space, the history of mankind, and the depths of seas and oceans. It is here that visitors (no matter how old they are) will learn about this undoubtedly most valuable chemical compound. From the very beginning of life on earth, all the way to the development of our civilization.

“A tour of Edukatorium will start with a flight in a rocket (animation lift) to the first of six thematic blocks – the space. The other ones include climate, ocean, humans, water civilization, and water engineering,explained Piotr Zieliński, Fabryka Wody’s Spokesman. “Water is the leitmotif of every section. In each of the thematic blocks, scientific issues will be presented with references to such  domains are physics, mathematics, geography, biology, chemistry, humanism, and history.”

The space

It is still a mystery to us. The vast space whose grandeur and mysteriousness are hard to grasp by human minds. Here we will answer your questions about the importance of water in space. You will find out about the origin of life on Earth, or whether we are alone in the universe. It is a great chance to learn about NASA experiments, to test your skills in fitness training exercises designed for real astronauts and become a pilot of a space lander. All this is available without the need to wear space suits.


It is the second thematic block. Here you will find out about what climate change is and how we impact our climate. You will explore how clouds are formed, how rain falls and lightning strikes, and how a hygrometer or a fridge work.


A journey into the depth of the sea does not need to be scary. Here you will submerge and discover the fascinating world of the water realm. Get ready for a meeting with sea creatures. Learn how intelligent an octopus can be and just how large whales are, and let yourself get enchanted by the inhabitants of coral reefs.


A human body is a fascinating machine. Edukatorium is a perfect place to find out how it works and what it needs to function. It is a chance to learn what functions water plays to our bodies, and what happens if you drink contaminated water. Our thermal imaging cameras, scales, heart rate monitors and X-ray machine will literally see through you. Be sure to visit our Water Pump Room on the way. It is great place to relax before the second part of your trip, regain strength, and drink some water.

Water civilization

It is difficult to imagine the development of our civilization without water. What were the beginnings of our civilizations across centuries? This is the perfect place to find out. We are ready to answer your questions about why all great civilizations emerged upon the water, and how great inventors, such as Leonardo da Vinci, were inspired by water. In the meantime, you will have an opportunity to determine how it happens that you can take a shower on the fourteenth floor of a tower block and how you can force water to swim upwards.

Water engineering

This space of our Edukatorium is very dynamic. You will not only see how a steam machine works, but also get to know extreme sports related to water and amazing inventions by Leonardo da Vinci.

Whirlpool of knowledge

It is the central part of Edukatorium. A spiral staircase which will take you from one thematic block to the next one (as you move down gravitationally). The space is filled with a hanging water particle model consisting of three steel balls covered with a stretched membrane. The largest one houses an auditorium for 49 visitors, which is also worth visiting. Be sure to take a souvenir photo here.

Floating water gardens

It will be difficult to leave the place. It is a small educational theme park. The whole place is bound to be wet, and although it is intended to be a space for the youngest ones, slightly older visitors are also bound to have great fun there. It is where you will have a chance to create waves, whirlpools, water currents, rainbows, and clouds. All those willing will have an opportunity to build their own water supply system and a dam, push out boats, and sink their opponents in a quiz. Visitors will also find water pistols, and tasks and challenges that real fire fighters would be happy to face.

Edukatorium also houses laboratories, a temporary exhibition zone, where you will be able to get to know a lot of interesting facts about Szczecin, and our store which you must visit before you leave.

Our partner is Zakład Wodociągów i Kanalizacji Sp. z o.o. w Szczecinie (ZWiK) (Szczecin Water Supply and Sewerage Company). Together with ZWiK we will implement an interesting educational programme focused on themes related to environmental education in the sphere of water management. Here you will find out what to do to save water or if it’s worth drinking tap water and why, and about many other issues that are part of ZWiK's activities. Classes for schools, meetings, lectures and tap water drinking fountains – all this can be found at Fabryka Wody's Edukatorium.

Full details of the agenda will soon be available on our website fabrykawody.eu and in our social media.

Stay tuned!

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