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      Works on the Summer Theatre are nearing completion

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      Works on the Summer Theatre are nearing completion

      Every day we are getting closer to opening another architectural showpiece of Szczecin. Works regarding the reconstruction of the Summer Theatre are nearing completion.

      The rebuilt Summer Theatre is impressive and its snow-white roof definitely stands out in the landscape of Kasprowicza Park. The fitting-out works on the building are currently underway.

      New seats in the auditorium are being installed, and works on the façade are in progress. The surroundings are also being transformed.  The cascades are being renovated. Greenery planting is being carried out.

      About the project

      The scope of works includes, among others, the extension of the stage from the side of the auditorium; the demolition of the old roof and the construction of a new one, the reconstruction of the auditorium, the redevelopment of the access roads to the facility, and the redevelopment of the electrical networks as well as sewage and sanitary networks. The works also include the restoration and maintenance of the existing reinforced concrete arch.

      The Helena Majdaniec Summer Theatre is located in the south-western part of Kasprowicza Park. It is a place for major concerts with the participation of famous people, celebrations and local events, but also ordinary meetings in unordinary surroundings. The beginnings of this facility date back to the 1930s.  It was at that point that the first park stage in the form of a wooden platform with rows of wooden benches was built. The amphitheatre  was thoroughly rebuilt according to the design of architect Zbigniew Abrahamowicz in 1974, giving it its present shape with a characteristic arch referring in its from to the Gateway Arch in Saint Louis by architect Eero Saarinen. In 2000, the theatre got a new roof and a thorough refurbishment of the auditorium, as well as partial refurbishment of the under-stage rooms. In December 2015, the architectural competition for the “Reconstruction and extension of the Helena Majdaniec Summer Theatre” was settled. The London-based architectural practice Flanagan Lawrence won the competition.

      The construction works are due to finish in the middle of this year.

      The contractor is Adamietz Sp. z o.o. The gross cost of the project amounts to over PLN 33 million. Supervision over the execution is exercised by the City Investment Department of the Szczecin City Office.

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