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      Why #CzytanieRządzi (#ReadingRulez)?

      Robert Duchowski

      Robert Duchowski

      Why #CzytanieRządzi (#ReadingRulez)?

      Books have super powers. They allow you to discover the most remote parts of the world, to travel in time, and experience extraordinary adventures.  Still not enough? Here are some more reasons why #ReadingRulez.

      1/ Reading develops the brain 

      Reading and conversations build new synaptic connections in our brains, truly developing the potential of human brain! It's fundamental, so that's why #ReadingRulez!

      2/ Reading develops empathy 

      Reading fiction boosts out empathy: thanks to the descriptions of emotions experienced by protagonists, we get more sensitive to the feelings of other people, and we learn to understand them.  #ReadingRulez!

      3/ Reading creates equal opportunities and reduces exclusion 

      Reading for pleasure has a greater influence on our successful education and life than our background  ̶  we create equal opportunities by reading. #ReadingRulez!

      4/ Reading teaches cooperation 

      Reading is a great exercise in the understanding of other people - their outlooks on life, emotions, and values. Thanks to reading, we develop our cooperation competence, because we understand other people better and build social capital.


      5/ Reading creates innovators

      Reading entails the accumulation of data, knowledge, and emotions, while at the same time it an exercise in the understanding of cause and effect relationships. Readers have a unique database at their disposal, and they can use it innovatively in ways which are only known and available to them. This is how innovators work. #ReadingRulez!

      6/ Reading facilitates education

      Reading is a tool. You first need to learn how to read, to be able to learn through reading. But it is an indispensable tool. Education is impossible without reading. We can say more: Education is impossible without fluent perfect reading with comprehension. That's why #ReadingRulez

      7/ Reading develops science

      Reading develop curiosity, exercises our mind in search for the truth and discovering the unknown. Reading expands our logical thinking and analysis skills. That is why reading is the foundation of all sciences - both humanities and engineering studies. #ReadingRulez!

      8/ Reading creates citizens

      The citizens of contemporary democracies have constitutional rights, including the freedom of speech, and active and passive electoral rights. Reading is an activity which allows us to use these rights, as it develops reading comprehension skills and healthy criticism in respect of political, economic or social propositions. Reading creates complete citizens of democratic states. #ReadingRulez! 

      9/ Reading fosters democracy

      It has been proven that readers are highly engaged citizens. Readers account for a vast majority of activists working for the benefit of their local communities. Therefore, reading fuels the civic society and fosters democracy. #ReadingRulez!

      10/ Reading exercises our concentration

      Reading is a stabilising activity which needs to be quite slow. Research has shown the huge positive influence of reading on concentration skills. It is worth remembering as you fume over reading a long book. #ReadingRulez!

      11/ Reading develops the economy

      Entrepreneurs are self-confident and ready to take risks, spot opportunities and grasp them in an innovative way. Reading develops all these traits in us. By reading, we accumulate knowledge and build empathy, which contributes to our self-confidence. Books create databases in our brains, allowing us to notice the potential and approach it in an innovative way. Reading expands our mathematical and technical skills. Reading is the foundation of entrepreneurial economy. #ReadingRulez!

      12/ Reading reduces stress levels

      Our stress level is reduced by 60% after 6 minutes of reading. How was this proven? According to research results, reading detaches us from the stressful reality, our heart rate calms down, and our stress level is reduced. It works better than the best medications. #ReadingRulez!


      You can check out the interesting things happening in the book reading sphere in Szczecin on the websites of our Municipal Public Library.  The “Events” tab includes information about numerous projects, and everyone will be able to find something to their liking  - both the youngest and a bit older readers. Additionally, it is a tradition that individual library branches are planning classes for the upcoming summer holiday season. It is a perfect opportunity for young readers to spend their free time in an interesting way, discover new passions, and broaden their horizons.

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