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      Watch out for frauds pretending to be from the Stowarzyszenie Mi – Gracja association!

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      Watch out for frauds pretending to be from the Stowarzyszenie Mi – Gracja association!

      Frauds pretending to be Stowarzyszenie Mi – Gracja volunteers have been spotted within Szczecin's Central Railway Station.

      They are using leaflets with the association's details to misappropriate money from refugees, including by promising them to help find a private apartment.

      In view of these incidents, Stowarzyszenie Mi – Gracja association would like to remind you that:

      - the material aid distribution point is located at ul. Kolumba 86-87; the items distributed there can be collected only by private individuals;

      the material aid collection takes place only in the storage space within the Netto Arena – all the donated items must first go there.

      - volunteers cooperating with the association work only in the two above-mentioned locations;

      - refugees do not have to pay anything for all the help provided by Mi – Gracja;

      - the association does not act as an intermediary in finding private apartments for refugees;

      - all information about the association's actions and needs are announced on Mi-Gracja's Facebook and Instagram pages, or in the Mi-Gracja group. These are currently the only sources of information about the association's ongoing activities.

      At Punkt Informacyjny Szczecin at the Central Railway Station, there are volunteers of Refugees SzczecinDom Kultury Słowianin and Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Dzieci Zachodniopomorski Oddział Regionalny SzczecinThese organisations charge no money for their services!

      If you notice anything alarming or suspicious, especially if you are asked for money – make sure to report this to law enforcement services!

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