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      Walks you have not been on yet

      Robert Duchowski

      Robert Duchowski

      Walks you have not been on yet

      Soon, we will be taken on an amazing tour around… Szczecin. There would be nothing unusual about this if not for the exciting fact it will take place on Bike_S city bikes. The trip route will lead through 50 landmarks of our city.

      The Bike_s bicycle trip will be guided by Joanna Olszowska, who knows the history of our city very well. She will tell a story of Szczecin’s landmarks as well as sites that are now things of the past, remembered mainly by older residents. Such a bike trip will be an excellent opportunity to get to know the biggest attractions of the Golden Trail, to see amazing heritage sites, and to relax at the Różanka Rose Garden or in Kasprowicz Park.

      You will need a ticket to participate in the event. To purchase tickets, please visit or visit the Tourist Information Centre in the glass pavilion in Kwiatowa Avenue at 20 Żołnierza Polskiego Square (Aleja Kwiatowa, pl. Żołnierza Polskiego 20), phone: +48 91 434 04 40, e-mail: Children up to 10 years of age may join the bike trip free of charge provided that they have their own bikes.  The number of participants is limited. Adults may only ride city bikes.

      Dates: 7 August, 28 August 2022

      Time: 11:00 a.m.– approx. 02:00 p.m.

      Starting point of the trip: Tourist Information Centre (pl. Żołnierza 20)

      End point of the trip: Jasne Błonia (car park on Piotra Skargi Street)

      Distance: approx. 10 km

      Price: 50 zloty/person. (the price includes a Bike_S bicycle)

      Detailed information can be found on, the Visit Szczecin Facebook page and in the Tourist Information Centre in Kwiatowa Avenue.


      Kwiatowa Avenue – Sundial – PORT OF CALL 

      The Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle

      Professors’ houses

      Peter and St. Paul Church

      Solidarności Square with the Museum of Upheavals

      Angel of Freedom

      Police Building


      The Royal Gate

      The National Museum – Staromłyńska Street – PORT OF CALL

      The 13 Muses Club

      Historic Helunia pump- city pumps

      District Court building

      Żołnierza Polskiego Square 

      Adamowicza Square, lipy – PORT OF CALL


      Tenement house

      Lotników Square – PORT OF CALL

      Sculptural accents

      Statue of Colleoni on horseback

      Measures and Weights Office Building

      National Archives

      Fountain Avenue

      Sculpture of a Sailor – Helmsman

      Grunwaldzki Square (Oriona Squares) – PORT OF CALL

      Outdoor sculptures

      Tenement house with a pharmacy

      Jana Pawła II Avenue – Police building – PORT OF CALL 

      US Rector’s Office Building

      Tenement houses – forecourts

      Griffin sculpture (legend) 

      City Hall Building – PORT OF CALL 

      Jasne Błonia – Fountain representing a Boy with a squeezebox

      Bartłomiejka Fountain – PORT OF CALL 

      Platanowa Avenue

      Pope John Paul II monument

      Hungarian boy monument

      Monument to the Efforts of Szczecinians – PORT OF CALL

      Kasprowicza Park (toilets)  

      Hasior’s Birds – PORT OF CALL 

      W dole – Rusałka Lake 

      Sculpture of a Woman in a long dress

      Amphitheatre with outdoor sculptures and mosaics

      Różanka Rose Garden – PORT OF CALL 

      Arkoński Park

      Arkonka – stop by the Szyszka restaurant – PORT OF CALL (toilets)

      Syrenie Stawy – PORT OF CALL 

      Jasne Błonia named after John Paul II

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