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      Visit the Szczecin Easter Fair to enjoy its delicacies and attractions!

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      Visit the Szczecin Easter Fair to enjoy its delicacies and attractions!

      When preparing for Easter, the Szczecin Easter Fair is the best place to start with. In a couple of weeks, between 22 and 24 March, Kwiatowa Alley will be brimming with festive products.

      Between 22 and 24 March, Kwiatowa Alley will host the Szczecin Easter Fair, featuring a slew of treats and items, including Easter lambs, iced babka cakes, multicoloured mazurek cakes, colourful Easter eggs and many other Easter symbols. There will be 40 wooden huts for fairgoers to shop around, try sweet Easter treats and join in the fun and games.

      “Expect to see harbingers of Easter all over the fair area and beyond. In multiple locations, there will be giant Easter Bunnies decorated by Szczecin's businesses and institutions,” said Celina Wołosz, Spokeswoman for the Żegluga Szczecińska Turystyka Wydarzenia company. 

      Stalls will brim with traditional Easter merchandise, such as palms made of dried cereals and flowers, ornate wreaths to decorate Easter tables, colourful Easter eggs, wicker baskets for Easter meals, straw bunnies and hand-made lambs. Of course, the fair is also about providing excellent food, and there will be lots of real Easter treats – Polish rye soup (żurek), traditional deli meats, as well as mazurek and babka cakes. The Szczecin Easter Fair is the place for all things Easter.

      However, apart from shopping around for delicacies and decorations, fairgoers will also be invited to take part in some fun attractions –  games, crafts workshops, environmentally-minded activities and music performances.

      “The youngest fairgoers will have the opportunity to join the egg hunt game on Saturday and Sunday. We will also weave Easter baskets and make Easter decorations, decorate Easter eggs and try to answer the famous ‘what came first – chicken or the egg?’ question,” Wołosz added. 

      The event will also have an educational component, with workshops on wildlife and food-wasting prevention. They will be free-of-charge and open for everyone interested. The Szczecin Easter Fair will be held between 22 and 24 March in Kwiatowa Alley. For more details, go to

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