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      Timetable to change from 01 September 2022

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      Timetable to change from 01 September 2022

      The public transport layout is a complex network of connections between individual lines across the city. Almost 100 bus and tram lines run across Szczecin and neighbouring communes, with 300 vehicles leaving the depot at peak hours. Preparing and controlling public transport is a time-consuming and responsible task. The timetable is going to change soon. Putting together a new timetable required tradeoffs between passenger needs, the city's finances and issues with understaffing faced by public transport undertakings.

      We have all been experiencing the effects of inflation and rising fuel prices and everyday costs. The Szczecin Roads and Bridges Authority has never received so many requests regarding free rides or the cancellation of penalties for travelling without a ticket. This shows that households have been having a difficult time making ends meet. Larger entities and the city at large are, however, facing the same problems. The limited budget is often overwhelmed by the enormous costs of fuel and now also electricity. We have informed you about understaffing issues already several times, and now these have been further exacerbated by the extremely high electricity prices announced for 2023. The annual contract for the provision of electricity to the Szczecin Roads and Bridges Authority will increase by almost PLN 25 million, and to the Szczecin Trams by PLN 32 million. All this affects the organisation of public transport.

      Major cities in Poland have already cut back on their services, and many of them decided to bump up ticket prices. In September, Szczecin will make adjustments to help passengers plan their journeys and to reduce the number of missed services.

      The adjustments were designed to consider not only passenger needs, passenger habits, population density and the number of employment establishments, but also the working time of drivers, staff and fleet, transport infrastructure, staff facilities, bus and tram connections, as well as budget constraints. Let us not overlook the fact that public transport is an interconnected system and even the single smallest change has consequences for many other elements of that system. Adjustments were made on lines and in locations where capacity and demand permitted. A positive change will be made on line B. Its working-day timetable will change, with service frequency at peak hours increasing to every 10 minutes.

      The following changes will apply from 01 September:

      Trams Summer holiday timetables on working days will continue to apply for lines 8 and 10 until 04 September and for line 12 until further notice


      -Timetables applicable outside summer holidays will be restored for lines  61, 66, 86, 103, 107, 222, 223, 227.

      - Line 65 will continue to run according to the summer holiday timetable.

      - Lines 98, 109, 110 and 908 will be back in service.

      - Lines 111904 will run to the school year timetable.


      The following changes will apply from 05 September:

      - Line 8 - revised timetable without frequency changes

      - Line 10 will run at a frequency of 12-24 minutes at peak hours only.

      - Line 71 will be put out of service.

      - Line 71 will be replaced by line 84, which will run along a new route: Turkusowa – Przelotowa – Łubinowa – Struga – Gryfińska – Batalionów Chłopskich – rondo Ułanów Podolskich – Walecznych – Mączna – Kolorowych Domów – Chłopska – Nad Rudzianką – Gwarna – Dąbska – Niedźwiedzia –Kijewo. Some services will run along an extended route to the “Zakłądy Mięsne” terminus. Service will be provided every 20 minutes all week. However, on working days past 6 p.m. and on non-working days, every second service throughout the day will run along a shortened route from Turkusowa to Rondo Ułanów Podolskich (a 40-minute service frequency will apply along the Rondo Ułanów Podolskich – Kijewo section at the time). At the “Turkusowa” terminus, the bus stop for passengers boarding line 84 will be shared with line 91 (No. 86945).

      - Service for Jasna Street will continue to be provided by line 65, whose service frequency will not change.

      - Timetable for line 54 will change without service frequency changes.

      - Working-day timetable for line 75 will change, with two runs being removed (one during the morning peak and one during the afternoon peak).

      - On line B on working days, the timetable will change, with service frequency increased at peak hours to every 10 minutes.

      - The “Fioletowa” stop will be given the “on demand” status, and the “Akwarelowa” stop will be given the “regular” status.

      - The “Zdroje Szpital” stop will be renamed to “Mączna”, and “Mączna” will be renamed to “Zdroje Szpital”.

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