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      The Scandinavian Days 2023 coming soon

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      The Scandinavian Days 2023 coming soon

       “Inclusiveness and diversity – the road to success”.  This is the leading motive of the 9th edition of the Scandinavian Days. The event will be inaugurated exactly one month from now. The programme includes presenting the Scandinavian networking style, a visit to a company with Danish capital, as well as many cultural attractions.

      Future means business

      The Scandinavian Days provide an opportunity to discuss new challenges, as well as to define the development directions of Szczecin in the context of Polish-Scandinavian cooperation. The event’s programme will include substantive discussions, inter alia, on the labour market from the perspective of both employers and young people who are at the beginning of their professional careers. What are their expectations? What can experienced entrepreneurs offer them? And finally... how to achieve success? Attempts to answer these and many other questions will be made during this year’s Scandinavian Days.

      Time for… hygge

      In addition to business meetings and discussions, the event’s programme will traditionally include events for all Szczecin residents, such as the Parade and the Scandinavian Picnic. These will provide great opportunities to have fun and relax in the “hygge” style, as well as to learn about the culture of the Nordic countries in an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding.

      What, when and where

      This year’s Scandinavian Days will be held on 11-14 May. The substantive part, in attendance of business representatives and students, will take place at Technopark Pomerania. Other events will be held in the open air ‒ on city streets and in Jasne Błonia.

      More information will be provided soon on:

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