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      The Polish-Ukrainian cruise is over

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      The Polish-Ukrainian cruise is over

      The cruise of Polish and Ukrainian children on the Szczecin Reservoir has come to an end.

      “This was a very successful cruise,” said its Captain Jerzy Szwoch. “We managed to fulfil all of our goals. First of all, we wanted to integrate children from both countries. It soon turned out that they were getting along just fine and cooperating with each other superbly. These are great kids, very hard-working as well.”

      The Sailing Centre, the event’s organiser, invited 25 children from Poland and Ukraine to take the cruise. Together, under the supervision of experienced sailors, the group went on a cruise on eight yachts to sail the waters of the Szczecin Reservoir, among others.

      “We experienced some adverse weather conditions. The wind stopped us in Świnoujscie, but thanks to that we had a chance to do some sightseeing. We went to Gerhard’s Fort, the Sea Fishing Museum, we also took a train to Wolin Island to the Viking Village.  In the evenings we sang shanties by bonfires. In Świnoujście we also saw the Captain Borchardt sailing ship and went on board to explore it. After that we sailed to Stepnica and then to Szczecin, to the marina by Grodzka Island. We finished the cruise at the Sailing Centre.

       The partner of the cruise was Rotary Club Szczecin. The young people from Ukraine was recruited by the Szczecin School under the Sails.

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