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      The May weekend on forest clearings

      Robert Duchowski

      Robert Duchowski

      The May weekend on forest clearings

      The upcoming May weekend will surely bring crowds of locals to the forest clearings. Here's what you need to know before the eagerly awaited break.

      Remember that there is drought in the forests. Reckless behaviour can very easily lead to a fire. Please light bonfires and barbecues in designated areas only. it is absolutely prohibited to light fires outside of fire pits or in deep forest.

      Here are the clearings where you can spend leisure time during the May weekend:

      1. Polana Czerwona - three fireplaces (near Arkonka)
        2. Polana Goplany - two fireplaces
        3. Polana Miodowa - two fireplaces – at 3 Miodowa Street (cars can enter)
        4. Polana Biała - two fireplaces (behind the City Forest Department, at Miodowa Street)
        5. Polana  Sportowa- three fireplaces
        6. Polana Harcerska- two fireplaces (near the Seven Mills Route)
        7.  Polana by Lake Głębokie - two fireplaces
        8. Polana by Lake Głębokie from the side of Wołczkowo – one fireplace
        9. Polana Bagienna Olszyna (by Lake Głębokie – in the rear part, near the shooting range) - one fireplace
        10. Polana Arkonka ( by the bathing area cash desks ) fires are not allowed
        11. Polana Edukacyjna (right next to the forester’s lodge) lighting fires is ABSOLUTELY prohibited
        12. Park Leśny Kleskowo - two fireplaces
        13. Polana Widok (by Lake Szmaragdowe) – four fireplaces
        14. Polana Słoneczna - four fireplaces (behind the Szmaragd Inn)

      During the long weekend, all clearings will be cleaned every day in the morning. Use the many available waste bins. If possible, take your waste with you.

      Everyone brings their own wood. It is absolutely prohibited to cut down or damage trees or bushes in the forest. Pick up whatever is on the ground.

      There are portable toilets at each clearing. They will be serviced each day by 9 a.m. Servicing will consist of washing and sanitising the cubicles, emptying the liquid waste tanks, pouring disinfectant and odorant into cubicles, and replenishing toilet paper.

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