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      The last such relic of the Szczecin Fortress

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      The last such relic of the Szczecin Fortress

      Several years ago, an antique armoured wall became part of rubbish shed on Bartnicza Street. Today there is a chance to display and preserve the monument.

      Jan Sinius, a history enthusiast, came across the World War II relic, while Aleksander Ostasz, the director of the Museum of Polish Arms in Kołobrzeg, and Michał Dębowski, the Municipal Conservator of Monuments, became interested in it.

      This was an open site, protected by a reinforced concrete wall, in which anti-tank cannon of the PaK 36 (t) type could be installed. In 1945 there were two such structures in Szczecin: one at the motocross track, which was partially destroyed, and one on Bartnicza Street.

      “This is an important historical monument, which certainly deserves to be preserved and entered in the Municipal Register of Historical Monuments”, remarks Michał Dębowski. “ However, the manner in which this monument will be presented is still an open question, and I hope that we will find the best possible way to ensure that such a place will not be destroyed and that the inhabitants will be aware of its existence”.

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