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      The crocuses are a feast for our eyes. Do not trample them!

      Natalia Mróz

      Natalia Mróz

      The crocuses are a feast for our eyes. Do not trample them!

      Spring is creeping in. Recently, we could see this in the form of crocuses sprouting up from green strips of land in plane tree alleys in Jasne Błonie, on roundabouts and escarpments near Chrobry Embankments.

      Modest yet lovely, these plants have taken Szczecin's flower market by storm. It is not an overstatement to say they have become the city's icon. To make sure our crocuses can grow safely, we would like to appeal to everyone who will soon be taking pictures of them in full bloom – do not trample them! It is forbidden to pick crocuses, walk on them and – God forbid – lie on the crocus carpets to take selfies! 

      “Just to remind you, such conduct is prohibited under Article 144 (1) (damaging vegetation in public spaces) and subject to a fine of up to PLN 1,000,” said Officer Joanna Wojtach, Spokeswoman for the Szczecin City Guard. “A City Guard officer may fine individuals violating this rule up to PLN 500 .”

      Meanwhile, the crocuses are springing up all over the city. Several years ago, the Municipal Services Company planted crocuses on the escarpments near Chrobry Embankments –  150,000 corms of the purple variety and 73,000 light violet corms  with dark  veins.

      Another quarter of a million (!) of these flowers grows at the entrance to the city through Trasa
      Zamkowa. Crocuses also adorn Aleja Kwiatowa (the Flower Alley).

      Bądź na bieżąco!

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