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      Szpargałek to help Ukrainian refugees

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      Szpargałek to help Ukrainian refugees

      The Szpargałek Charity Gallery was established mainly to help those who are most in need. It is held every month at Ekoport on Arkońska Street. By decision of the Public Utilities Director, the Gallery will also engage in helping Ukraine.

      An extra Gallery event is due to take place next Monday between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.  This special edition is dedicated to the sole purpose of providing financial support to war-ridden Ukraine. Every zloty counts and we look forward to your generosity and solidarity with our neighbours

      Please make payments to the accounts of the two recommended institutions:

      1.    Zachodniopomorski Oddział Regionalny Towarzystwa Przyjaciół Dzieci (Westpomeranian Regional Branch of the Society of Children’s Friends)
      Account: 41 1240 3813 1111 0000 4560 0290
      With note:  Help for Families from Ukraine

      2.    Związek Ukraińców W Polsce o/Szczecin (Association of Ukrainians in Poland, branch in Szczecin)
      Account: 20 1090 1492 0000 0001 4312 2731


      “We are unable to verify all organisations, institutions and people involved in providing help,” said Andrzej Kus, the city’s spokesperson for public utilities and environment protection. “That is why we recommend only two verified and recognised organisations, which agreed to conduct a support campaign jointly with the Szpargałek Gallery. Eventually, all the collected funds will reach the people that need them the most.


      1.    Please make payments in advance and show proof of your payment on site    We recognise donations made to the institutions specified above in the period 1-7 March 2022    People who, for various reasons, will be unable to use the equivalent of the paid amount for collecting the items prepared by us on 7 March, will, as usual, receive our Gallery Voucher to be used during any future Szpargałek Gallery events.
      4.    During this dedicated edition we will NOT:
      a)            accept payments made to other accounts and for other purposes,
      b)           accept Gallery Vouchers received during previous editions
      5.    We invite benefactors who have made payments to other public benefit organisations to the regular edition which will take place on 30 March 2022.

      Preparations to the Monday opening are already well under way. Hundreds of items that will be distributed to you are already waiting on the shelves.

      The Ecoports are waiting for the following items:

      All items located in Szpargałek’s storage are brought by Szczecin residents. These are often new or hardly used items. We give them a second life. Every item is inspected and cleaned, and if it can be reused, placed in the warehouse and put up for sale during the next Gallery event. This way, when you make a payment to the account of your public benefit organisation of choice, you can become it’s next owner. This is how you help those in need.

      We encourage you to look through your things, find items that you don’t need at home and bring them to an Ecoport. If the items are suitable for further use, they will be available at the Gallery and will find new owners. Meanwhile, the amounts paid will help people. This time it will be Ukrainian citizens.

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