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      Szczecin – Winter Emergency Service launched to help homeless persons

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      Szczecin –  Winter Emergency Service launched to help homeless persons

      Starting from 01 November, the Winter Emergency Service will operate in Szczecin to help homeless persons. Winter is obviously the most difficult time for those who are roofless. As every year, Szczecin's services are ready to help them.

      A total of 297 shelter beds, 95 places in overnight shelters and 17 places in warming centres have been prepared for those in need during winter months.

      All services and institutions that work together to support the homeless as part of the Winter Emergency Service have been briefed. The briefing discussed the procedures and the scope of their cooperation. All Winter Emergency Service operations are coordinated by the Homeless Support Division of the Municipal Family Support Centre.

      Facilities providing homeless support

      Shelters are open 24/7 and provide homeless persons with meals, change of clothes, beds and clothes drying facilities. These facilities also have reintegration programmes in place to help people become independent and overcome homelessness. A shelter place can be granted after performing a background check and signing a social-services contract. Shelter services are provided on a paid basis.


      “Feniks” Shelter, ul. Zamknięta 5 – 80 places

      “Caritas” Men’s Shelter, ul. Nehringa 14 – 55 places

      “Caritas” Men’s Shelter, ul. Strzałowska 24 – 27 places

      “Caritas” Women’s Shelter, ul. Piaseczna 4 – 45 places

      Homeless shelter with care services, “Złoty Wiek” Association, ul. Hryniewieckiego 9 – 105 places

      Overnight shelters are places where homeless persons can stay overnight. These facilities are open from 6 p.m. to 8 a.m. and provide change of clothes, toilet and shower facilities, as well as hot meals. To stay at an overnight shelter, no referral or administrative decision is required.

      Overnight shelters:

      Feniks Association, ul. Zamknięta 5 – 55 places;

      „Caritas”, ul. Nehringa 14 – 40 places.

      Szczecin’s warming centre is open 24/7. The facility has 17 seats, toilets and a bathroom with a changing room. In the warming centre, people can drink a hot beverage, perform basic hygiene and change their clothes.

      Szczecin Centre for Addiction Prophylaxis, ul. J.H. Dąbrowskiego 22-23 Szczecin

      Public baths

      A social-support facility for homeless persons without access to running water located in the building of the Polish Red Cross at Al. Wojska Polskiego 63


      Basic hygiene can also be performed at the Warming Centre ran by the Szczecin Centre for Addiction Prophylaxis, but only by those who stay at the facility (regardless of how long they stay).

      Warming Centre – Szczecin Centre for Addiction Prophylaxis

      1. J.H Dąbrowskiego 22-23

      Staff-room telephone: 501 029 510 (24/7)

      First aid facility for homeless persons

      The facility is ran by the Feniks Association. It has basic medical and dressing supplies.


      Feniks Association

      1. Zamknięta 5


      Clothes and footwear

      There are several organisations in Szczecin that run facilities providing season-specific clothes and footwear for homeless persons. Clothing storage facilities are operated by:

      Caritas Archidiecezji Szczecińsko Kamieńskiej

      1. Matki Teresy z Kalkuty 5

      Telephone (91) 487 49 05 tel./Fax 91 487 33 24,

      Zachodniopomorski Zarząd Wojewódzki PKPS

      1. Jagiellońska 18/2

      Telephone: (91) 433 45 04

      Punkt Pomocy PKPS ul. Robotnicza 9U/1   Telephone 797-318-277


      Zachodniopomorski Oddział Okręgowy PCK (Polish Red Cross)     

      Al. Wojska Polskiego 63

      Telephone (91) 433 73 02, Fax 91 433 46 55,

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