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      Szczecin Participatory Budget 2025: Submit your project!

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      Szczecin Participatory Budget 2025: Submit your project!

      The 12th edition of the Szczecin Participatory Budget starts on 20 February. Szczecin’s residents can put forward their ideas until 20 March.

      This is SPB’s second edition divided into two categories: local projects (in 22 areas) and “Green SPB”.

      “This year, we’re off to an earlier start and we hope that this will help us hold the voting earlier,” said Magdalena Błaszczyk, Director of the Civic Dialogue Office – the organiser of the SPB. “Work on new projects can now begin.”

      As in previous years, submissions can be made for both physical and “soft” projects (e.g. events, community actions, meetings). You only need to get a minimum of ten signatures on your support list and submit the project within the deadline ( Each resident may submit an unlimited number of proposals.

      “70% of the total funding will be set aside for local projects, while the remaining 30% will be allocated for 'Green SPB' – projects aimed at the protection of the city’s natural environment,” said Sylwia Cyza-Słomska from the City Information Centre. “No Green SPB project may cost more than 50% of all the SPB funding allocated for Green SPB projects.”

      Projects approved by the City Hall will be considered by a council comprising representatives of NGOs, housing estate councils, residents and representatives of municipal entities. Appeals from authors of rejected projects will be considered by a commission comprised of representatives of the Complaints, Applications and Petitions Committee of the City Council and authors of projects that were selected in previous editions of the SPB.

      This year’s funding for Szczecin Participatory Budget is PLN 17,200,000 (of which PLN 5,160,000 is for Green SCB projects and PLN 12,040,000 for local projects).

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