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      Szczecin Participatory Budget 2023: 197 projects and it is not over!

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      Szczecin Participatory Budget 2023: 197 projects and it is not over!

      We already know the number of ideas for managing this year’s edition of Szczecin Participatory Budget (SBO). Only this year, via the Internet, residents submitted as many as 197 projects!

      This pool included 35 city-wide and 162 local projects. The record-holder submitted as many as 17 projects.

      “We are seeing an increasing number of small-scale non-investment projects”, said Magdalena Błaszczyk, Director of the Office of Civil Dialogue. Therefore, the residents increasingly see SBO as an opportunity to implement their ideas for activities and sporting, social or cultural events.

      This figure is not exhaustive; applications submitted on paper and by post will still enter the pool (the date of submission is determined by the postmark).

      “The rules of this year’s edition do not differ from the previous ones,” said Magdalena Błaszczyk. “Hence we gathered local and city-wide projects, small- and large-scale investments and activities. The most difficult and time-consuming stage is ahead of us. That is the formal and substantive verification of the projects by the Office. This is also the time for authors to implement necessary changes and additions to the submitted ideas.

      The projects will be published on the website (STAGE I), where every resident of our city will be able to learn about them. The projects which successfully pass formal verification will be reviewed in terms of the possibility of their implementation (substantive verification – STAGE II). The projects which undergo the entire procedure and are approved by the social teams (STAGE III) will be included on the voting list. Residents will then select the best ones later this year.

      Thank you for every project!

      This year’s pool for Szczecin Participatory Budget projects amounts to PLN 17 520 000.

      For more information about the Szczecin Participatory Budget, please visit

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