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      Szczecin Mobile City Card now with more features

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      Szczecin Mobile City Card now with more features

      The new Szczecin Mobile City Card will replace the previous one, which has been available since 2017. The platform brings a new, intuitive interface and an extended functionality covering not just ticket sales, but also an information section that was previously missing. The Card is designed to build a community around the city’s services and make it easier to access them.

      The new features of the Szczecin Mobile City Card include current information on upcoming events in the city. There’s also key information, such as public transport updates (from the Roads and Public Transport Authority in Szczecin) and quick access to the current public transport timetables (by stops).

      Other new functionalities include the ability to purchase the Szczecin Tourist Card via the app and display information on discounts.

      “Those who regularly visit the Dąbie and Arkonka swimming areas will be up for a 10 percent discount when buying tickets with a discount code from reverse vending machines, while others can browse through a list of key locations in the city, including tourist attractions and leisure areas,” said Kacper Reszczyński from the Roads and Public Transport Authority (ZDiTM). “No registration will be required to open the information section of the app, while those who want to make purchases will need to register by following a very simple process.

      All current users of the old version of the Szczecin Mobile City Card can easily transfer their season tickets (ZDiTM) to the new app. Just create an account in the new app and then use the “Ticket migration” function in the “Settings” tab. Users will be asked for the credentials used in the old version of the app and, after successful verification, all the season tickets will be migrated to the new app.

      All single tickets from the old version of the app can be used in the coming months, as the app will still work for at least three or four months.


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