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      SPB 2024: Vote - Transform Szczecin

      Natalia Mróz

      Natalia Mróz

      SPB 2024: Vote - Transform Szczecin

      This is to remind you that you may vote for projects as part of the Szczecin Participatory Budget until 23 November. You may cast your votes for 2 out of 149 ideas.

      Just go to, select the “Vote” option, read the instructions and make your choice in a few simple steps. The residents have two votes at their disposal, one for local projects and one for projects in the “Green SPB” category.  Everyone living in Szczecin may take part in the voting, notwithstanding their age and place of registered residence. There are 149 projects to choose from, including 124 local projects and 25 “Green SPB” projects.

      The voting is held by electronic means. Residents who will not be able to submit their vote on their own may turn for support to an assistant at the Szczecin City Hall at 1 Armii Krajowej Sq. or in the local office in Prawobrzeże, at 39-40 Rydla St. (customer service hall). The assistants will be there for you during office working hours. The SPB Academy will also provide support in electronic voting.

      The voting ends at noon on 23 November.

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