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      SPB 2023: The voting is over

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      SPB 2023: The voting is over

      This year’s voting for projects to be delivered as part of the Szczecin Participatory Budget has been closed. The counting of votes cast on paper forms is still ahead of us.

      Details of the winning projects with the highest number of votes and final statistical data will be announced after the votes cast in ballot boxes are entered in the system.

      Given online voting alone, 26,325 persons took part in it, casting 123,695 votes. Traditionally, the highest number of votes were cast on city-wide projects (51,275), accounting for nearly a half of the total number. Local projects also enjoyed considerable interest from the residents, while the highest turnout was recorded for projects submitted in the following local areas: Gumieńce (8887 votes), Warszewo, Osów (7195 votes) and Skolwin, Stołczyn, Bukowo (7116 votes).

      Thank you for taking part in the voting!

      This year, there were 153 projects on the voting list (including 39 city-wide projects and 114 local projects).

      This year's pool for projects implemented as part of the Szczecin Participatory Budget is PLN 17,520,000.

      For more details on the Szczecin Participatory Budget, go to

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