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      Sails 2023 – This is where you will get a good rest – the Kraft Beer Zone

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      Sails 2023 – This is where you will get a good rest – the Kraft Beer Zone

      A beer festival in the middle of summer? Why not? It’s perfectly possible. The Kraft Beer Zone established during the Sails 2023 event will provide beer lovers with a great opportunity to taste craft specialties while admiring sails and listening to good music.

      Can you imagine a better place and natural settings to relax and enjoy the biggest sailing event in the region? Located at the foot of the Chrobry Embankment, overlooking the Oder River and the mooring vessels, with music in the background, the Kraft Beer Zone will once again be established during the Sails event.

      A specially designated Zone, featuring deckchairs, well-matched decorations and lighting, will provide a chance to taste exquisite craft beers of various kinds. The wide range of craft brewery products will include not only alcoholic drinks, but also well-brewed alcohol-free beverages. Those visiting the Craft Beer Zone will be given a chance to explore the secrets of brewing, to have a chat with brewers, and to taste mixtures of hops, yeast and malt based on traditional recipes with slight modifications. We are expecting 12 exhibitors who, together with food trucks and a food zone operators, will cater for the event participants’ needs. There will also be a sparkling wine stand. The whole event will be overseen by a DJ to create the appropriate musical setting.

      The Craft Beer Zone will be open during the Sails 2023 event, from the morning until late in the evening.

      All news and highlights can be found on our website: and on the event’s account on Facebook: Żagle 2023 – Żeglarski Szczecin Zaprasza!

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