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      QR code instead of a parking meter or app

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      QR code instead of a parking meter or app

      NiOL introduces a new payment method for parking at the Paid Unattended Car Parks, the Netto Arena car park and at the outpatient clinics on Kadłubka and Ku Słońcu Streets. 

      The service will be available from 2 April. This enables payment for parking without the use of a parking meter or app. Customers only need to point their internet-enabled smartphone at the QR code placed in the car park to initiate the transaction. After scanning the QR code, which is unique to the car park, the customer is directed to the transaction service, where he or she specifies the parking time and enters the registration number. The third step involves the selection of the payment method: BLIK / Apple Pay / Google Pay.

      “QR Codes will be available on boards at various locations in the car park. To prevent attempts to redirect the smartphone to an unwanted address, QR codes are 3D-printed and each transaction is encrypted with 3D Secure technology, blocking  unauthorised payments,” reports Wojciech Jachim, the Spokesperson for NiOL.

      The service is easy to use. This could be of particular appeal at the Netto Arena car park, where many people pay for parking before concerts or matches in a short space of time, causing queues at the parking meters. Starting on 2 April, visitors to the Netto Arena will be able to use 21 boards with QR codes alongside nine parking meters and mobile apps.

      “We would like to remind everyone that on regular days the Netto Arena car park is free of charge. The parking fee applies during commercial events, four hours before and one hour after the event,” continues Wojciech Jachim.

      The fee depends on the scale of the event.

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