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      Photos of e-checks in Szczecin available online

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      Photos of e-checks in Szczecin available online

      A website has been launched enabling drivers to access the documents confirming that they have failed to pay for parking in the Paid Parking Zone.

      At present, the website is only intended for those drivers/vehicle owners who are subject to e-checks, i.e., those who receive notifications of outstanding parking fees by post. By the end of the year, it should be made available to all other drivers, including those for whom the controller puts the notification behind the wiper.

      Documentation indicating failure to pay for parking in the Paid Parking Zone can be found on

      “In the notification sent by post, the driver concerned receives the website address. To log in, he or she should use the notification number and the vehicle registration number”, said Wojciech Jachim, Spokesperson for the Nieruchomości i Opłaty Lokalne company.

      Upon logging in, the “Notification details” tab will be displayed.

      It includes information about where and when the vehicle was left without making the applicable payment, the amount due (PLN 100 or PLN 200 if seven days have passed since the receipt of the notification), and the exact times of the e-check and notification issue.

      The “See photos” tab contains a notification scan, a photo of the parked vehicle, a photo (close-up) of the registration number and a map with the location of the vehicle’s parking place.

      The third tab ‒ “Pay the amount due” enables paying the additional charge, and the last “File a complaint” tab contains a complaint form which the drivers should use if they consider the demand for payment of the additional charge to be groundless.

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