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      Paid Parking Zone – e-checks starting from 02 November

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      Paid Parking Zone – e-checks starting from 02 November

      Equipped with the CityScanner system, Volkswagen up! will check car parks in the Paid Parking Zone.

      After several weeks of testing and programming, vw up! is now up and running. It will start working on 02 November.

      The car is equipped with cameras that scan plate numbers of parked cars and feed them into databases which store information about cars that may park in the Zone (that is, cars for which a car park or lump-sum fee has been paid, or for which a subscription has been purchased).

      “The system automatically checks if the cars it is passing by have been paid for to be parked,” said Wojciech Jachim, Spokesman for NiOL (a company handling real property and local fees). “To prevent drivers who have just parked their car and are on their way to the parking meter from being charged extra, a second check is performed a few minutes later.”

      The mobile check system is designed to enhance oversight over fee payment in the Paid Parking Zone. This system has the additional advantage of allowing the collection of data on car park occupancy in individual streets within the Paid Parking Zone.

      Similar mobile check systems are in place in Warsaw and Gdańsk.

      The e-check equipment has been provided by MCX Pro, a company from Warsaw selected through a bidding process. Worth a total of PLN 733,800, the contract includes the delivery of equipment and software, and the requirement to keep the system fully functional for 36 months.

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