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      Over 200 pieces of municipal property to be found in one place

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      Over 200 pieces of municipal property to be found in one place

      Large plots for development..., Land property for service facilities for sale..., Plots for single-family dwellings... this is how the municipal property ads displayed on start. 

      This is a suitable offer for everyone: for private persons, entrepreneurs, developers and large companies. It’s worth taking a look at the website to see which property the city is putting up for sale and which it is preparing for sale. While on the portal, you will find verified offers for property which you can buy safely and first-hand, saving both time and money.

      On, there is a practical search engine that allows you to find property by area, price, type and intended use, among others.

      All locations are also marked on an easy-to-read map. The “calendar” tab shows the dates of current tenders announced by the mayor.

      Each offer is accompanied by detailed information about the property, including photographs, as well as provides a direct contact to a staff member who will address any additional queries. The website also includes an “Essentials Guide” including the rules, regulations and procedures for disposal, as well as a FAQ section which provides answers to the most common questions.

      The current offer includes, for example, land property for your dream house, flats in the centre of Szczecin, proposals to rent a flat in exchange for renovation, or industrial land for halls and warehouses.

      The City currently offers, for example, the following property for sale:

      - two pieces of land property for service facilities, situated near Kormoranów Street in Szczecin

      - a flat on Bolesława Śmiałego Street with an area of approx. 120 m2

      - large plots for service facilities on Hangarowa Street in Szczecin

      two pieces of land property for single-family dwellings on Azaliowa Street in Szczecin

      The offer has been prepared, updated and promoted by several municipal units:

      Department of Real Property Resources and Turnover of the Szczecin City Hall, Department of Housing and Regulation of Legal Status of Real Property of the Szczecin City Hall, Municipal Buildings and Premises Office, Szczecin Community Building Society, and Real Property and Local Fees companies, as well as the Agency for the Development of Szczecin Metropolis.

      More information on:

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