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      On the water and by bike – discover the region with the ExploreOder app

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      On the water and by bike – discover the region with the ExploreOder app

      In addition to water trails, we can also find cycling lanes in the ExploreOder app. Thanks to the app, travelling and exploring our surroundings is easy and enjoyable. As part of the extension of the app, new trails have been added to the system – cycling lanes this time.

      We encourage the ExploreOder users to make sure to download the latest update. From now on, on your mobile devices you will be able to use not only maps of water trails, but also cycling lanes located on both sides of the Oder River.

      The app shows Szczecin as an excellent starting point for cyclists, canoeists and sailors. It includes ready-to-use trip suggestions with detailed descriptions.

      “The second edition of ExploreOder is dedicated to the lovers of bicycle touring”, said Celina Wołosz, Spokesperson of Żegluga Szczecińska Turystyka Wydarzenia. “These are 11 of the most interesting trails, which are set on both the Polish and German banks of the river, including noteworthy places, car parks, tourist attractions, intersections with other trails and hints regarding transport”.

      Among the recommended escapades are: the Bielik Trail, the Blue Belo, the Western Lakes Route, and the Oder-Nysa. By using the app, we not only have ready-made trails and trip plans, but also a handful of valuable information and photos.

      We would like to remind you that the app was launched in the previous season and contained a database of water tourist attractions from around Szczecin through Miedzyodrze to Schwedt.

      “In ExploreOder, we can find suggestions of the already prepared water trails, a transparent map and photos depicting the most interesting stops”, said Celina Wołosz. “In addition, the app features with a section of safe leisure rules on the water, a database of water equipment rental points and instant access to contact the Volunteer Water Rescue Service. Users are also notified about dangers”.

      The app is available in three languages – Polish, English and German. All descriptions and commands, except for the notifications displayed on the screen, will also be read out. The app is already available for download from GooglePlay (Android) and AppStore (iOS).

      The app is being created as part of the “Łączny nas rzeka 2.0 – der Fluss verbindet uns 2.0” project which involves the Polish-German cooperation in developing cross-border products for water tourism. The project is co-founded by the European Union from the from the European Regional Development Fund and the national budget (the Small Project Fund as part of the Interreg VA Meklemburgia – Pomorze Przednie / Brandenburgia / Poland in the Pomeraian Euroregion).

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