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      Interested in sailing but don't know how to start? Join us!

      Robert Duchowski

      Robert Duchowski

      Interested in sailing but don't know how to start? Join us!

      Supplementary admissions to the sports and tourism sections have just started at the Sailing Centre. This is an opportunity for anyone who would like to start their adventure with wind and water.

      Classes in the sections take place all year round. In the autumn and winter season these are general development trainings combined with equipment work, but from spring to late autumn our adepts spend their time on the water. The following sections are waiting for future seadogs:

      Optimist sailing school (ages 7-9; swimming skills welcome);

      Windsurfing regatta section (age 10+; previous sailing experience welcome);

      Tourist section (age 11+; units: DZ, Skippers, Janmors);

      Regatta section 29er and 420 (age 14+; section for regatta swimmers only);

      Section for tourist kayaking (age 11+);

      Sea Sailing Section - Zryw (age 16+; previous experience welcome);

      Section for persons with disabilities (documents to be verified by a committee which includes a doctor)

      Registration for activities offered by the Sailing Centre takes place only electronically on the website under E-recruitment tab.


      Create a user account in the e-recruitment system.

      Choose the class / course / cruise / half-term camp / camp that interest you.

      Make a registration for a class / course / cruise.

      Print out the documentation, sign it and attach it to the application.

      Once the documents are verified, a bilateral membership agreement with the Sailing Centre is signed.

      For more information, visit or call 91 461 53 91.

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