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      Free rides for students

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      Free rides for students

      In response to many questions, we would like to inform you that students who have not yet extended their free transport entitlements are still able to do so. The entitlement is granted until 30 September, but the formalities can be completed at any time.

      On 30 September, the validity of the entitlements granted on the Szczecin Agglomeration Card, which give children the opportunity to travel on public transport free of charge, came to an end. However, this only applies to the previous school year. In order to continue travelling on buses and trams without a ticket, it is necessary to go to the ZDiTM Customer Service Centres with a school ID card validated for the new school year.

      The free public transport entitlements for all lines are granted to students from elementary and secondary schools residing in the area of the Szczecin City Municipality and municipalities located within the Szczecin Metropolitan Area with which Szczecin City Municipality has signed a suitable agreement (Dobra, Police and Kołbaskowo municipalities).

      We would like to remind you that, in accordance with the Resolution of the City Council, the residential address appearing on the school ID card is decisive. In the event that the school issues a new model of school ID card on which there is no residential address, the institution will issue an additional certificate on which the address will be entered. If the entitlement is extended within the same facility, a certificate of residence is no longer required.

      Free rides are possible in the form of a personalised Szczecin Agglomeration Card.

      Cardholders with a valid school ID card should go to the nearest Customer Service Centre to have their free transport entitlements granted on their card. The entitlements are valid until 30 September of the school year for which the school ID card is currently valid.

      The new SAC cards are issued on the basis of a completed application for a Szczecin Agglomeration Card, for which a recent photograph of the child, a valid school ID card and a certificate of the child’s place of residence issued by the school must be attached. If a child is underage, the application must be completed and signed by a parent or legal guardian.

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