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      Drinking fountains are all set

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      Drinking fountains are all set

      Szczecin has a number of locations providing special drinking fountains with tested potable water for strollers and passers-by. The hot days have been gone for a while and it’s a good time to go on a stroll. You can always take a water bottle with you, because water tastes great outdoors!

      Drinking fountains are still something Szczecin’s residents aren't used to. A lot of people think that those are just regular taps to wash your hands or face. Nothing could be more wrong! The water in each of the fountains is specially tested and completely fit for drinking. The water fountains set up by ZWiK (our Waterworks and Sewage Utility Company) feature special signs to dispel any doubt that the water is healthy and tastes good.

      “Just take your water bottle and refill and you won’t have to worry about staying hydrated on a walk,” said ZWiK spokesperson Hanna Pieczyńska. “You can find the water fountains by the promenade next to Arkonka, at Różanka and on the Boulevards – so there's plenty of water available for open air events.

      The list doesn’t end here. ZUK (Municipal Services Department) also has its own water fountains. You can find these at the Misia Wojtka Square, in the Freedom Park, on Szymanowskiego Street, in the Kasprowicza Park by the Summer Theatre, in the Chełminek skatepark on Chełmińska Street and in the Park on Psie Pole in the Zawadzkiego-Klonowica Housing Estate.

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