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      Donations for the Szczecin shelter made by the Philharmonic and Wojciech Brewka

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      Donations for the Szczecin shelter made by the Philharmonic and Wojciech Brewka

      The Philharmonic is once again joining charity events. This time, we would like to invite you to the auction of a unique cat painting by Wojciech Brewka, painted especially for the Animal Shelter in Szczecin. The entire sum from the auction of this beautiful work of art will be donated to the shelter for the purpose of purchasing a treatment table for the animals accommodated in the shelter.

      Cat-themed concert

      When we were preparing a family concert about Figa, the canine heroine of Kinga Konieczny’s books, in February last year, we immediately started thinking about a cat-themed concert. It turned out that cats were very inspiring animals when it came to creating music – both for classical music composers and for contemporary pop music artists. This, of course, made these animals become the protagonists of our next concert scenario. An electrifying cat-theme concert will be given on 12 February (Sunday) at 5.00 pm.

      The attendees will have the chance to support the Szczecin Animal Shelter, both before and after the concert, as well as to see the beautiful painting by Wojciech Brewka, which was created especially with this event in mind. Thanks to the Co Dwie Głowy Foundation, which has put the painting up for online auction, everyone can take part in the auction today and support the fundraising initiative for the Szczecin shelter equipment.

      Wojciech Brewkas work for animals

      The painting by Wojciech Brewka is titled Hide and Seek. The title obviously refers to the game of hide and seek that cats usually engage in with humans, interacting with them only on their own terms. The animal’s attentive gaze is meant to remind of its predatory nature ‒ it may express an invitation to play but it may also precede an attack on the potential prey. The chosen ones experience the former, while the rest must simply submit to the law of nature.

      Wojciech Brewka is a painter, a colourist, a street artist and a creator of large-scale murals, as well as an initiator and producer of the Przenikania Festival. Deconstructing portrait, allegory and animalism as a painting genre, he displays, against contrasting backgrounds, images of animals in a surprising, comical, ironic and often social context. Many of Brewka’s works are consistent with the equality and environmental education trend, and the author himself is keen on supporting fundraising initiatives.

      The artist’s works will be displayed in the Philharmonic Gallery (level 4) in April, but before then his fans and all enthusiasts of charity events will have a unique opportunity to acquire the “Hide and Seek” painting at the charity auction. All proceeds from the auction will be used to help homeless animals, and more specifically to purchase a treatment and operating table for the new shelter. 

      A new Szczecin animal shelter

      Although the shelter on Południowa Street has just been arranged, new animals are already moving in. Unfortunately, the building complex, though beautiful, still lacks some of the most needed equipment. The most urgent need is to provide a treatment and operating table with an electric lift, with a 130x50 cm stainless steel top, which costs around PLN 13,500.

      Thanks to the new shelter, the conditions in which the animals are kept will be significantly improved. The functionality and safety of the animal keeping space will increase, and the new opportunities coupled with greater accessibility for people coming from the outside will hopefully encourage more of them to adopt animals and get involved in helping them.

      Take part in the auction and support animals

      The online auction of the “Hide and Seek” painting by Wojciech Brewka will continue until 28 February on The entire sum from the auction will be donated to the Szczecin shelter for the purpose of purchasing a treatment table for the animals accommodated in there.


      The auction is open to art enthusiasts, philanthropists and anyone who would like to support the Szczecin shelter.

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