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      Culture and Handicrafts at The TallShipsRaces 2024 in Szczecin

      Robert Duchowski

      Robert Duchowski

      Culture and Handicrafts at The TallShipsRaces 2024 in Szczecin

      Szczecin will soon become the centre of the international TallShipsRaces 2024 regatta. The accompanying Fair under Sail and Artists’ Alley events will provide visitors with an unforgettable experience and a wealth of attractions.

      On 2-5 August 2024, Szczecin will be transformed into a vibrant fair with colourful stands, unique flavours and artistic delights. The Fair under Sail (in Polish: Jarmark pod Żaglami) and the Artists’ Alley (in Polish: Aleja Artystów) will be excellent opportunities to take part in a celebration of culture, tradition and art, attracting locals and tourists alike. In total, there will be almost 250 stands, featuring some of the finest gems.

      The Fair under Sail

      The Fair under Sail offers a wide selection of unique products which are hard to find in shopping centres. On the stands visitors will find, among other things:

      • Maritime souvenirs: nautical accessories and jewellery, including key rings, backpacks, bottle covers and bicycle bags.
      • Handicrafts: glass products (painted, smelted), wood decorations, designer jewellery (glass, natural stones, leather), handmade soy candles, garlands, flowers in fabric, paper and plastic.
      • Ceramics: artistic and functional ceramics, including jugs, pots, cups, souvenirs.
      • Cosmetics and accessories: rose cosmetics, perfumes, handmade notebooks, incense sticks.
      • Food products: local food – sausages, Paprykarz Szczecinski, rolls with jerked meat, and delicacies from all over the world – Portuguese snacks, natural ice cream, Turkish delicacies, sushi.
      • Handmade jewellery: silver, amber, natural stone and pearl jewellery, as well as metal-covered jewellery made from natural plants.

      The Artists’ Alley

      The well-known Artists’ Alley, where artists showcase their works and talents, will be another highlight. The event will feature:

      • Painting and sculptures: reproductions of paintings by famous painters, unique sculptures.
      • Photography: artistic photographs of landscapes and portraits.
      • Literature: books by Szczecin authors, albums, guidebooks.
      • Handmade products: printed cushions, mugs, bags, shoppers, backpacks.

      All residents and tourists are invited to participate in this unique event providing an excellent opportunity to spend time with art, culture and tradition, surrounded by majestic sailing ships.

      More information available on our website:

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