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      Check out Fabryka Wody’s prices

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      Check out Fabryka Wody’s prices

      Day tickets for water attractions cost PLN 85, Educatorium entry is PLN 37. There are also several-day passes, family packages and discounts – check out Fabryka Wody's price list.

      Fabryka Wody has attractions galore – guaranteed to make your head spin! The aquapark features recreational pools with water toys, loungers and massage jets, as well as hot tubs, a 25-m-long swimming pool, wading pools for children, water slides and much more.

      Our saunarium offers as many as 16 saunas, beerspas, a brine graduation tower, cold plunge pools and massage parlours.

      At Educatorium, we will take you on an interesting journey through interesting scientific facts about water, comprising six thematic blocks. Fabryka Wody also provides workshops and a fun zone in water gardens. Adding to the excitement will be the sports zone, featuring a bowling alley and a climbing wall.

      Ticket prices

      The ticket tariff is divided by zones. You can purchase a ticket for a single zone of your choice or get a package deal for multiple zones.

      Sports pool

      • Swimming pool entry prices are PLN 30 (normal) and PLN 20 (discount) per 1.5 h.
      • We also offer swimming pool-only 30-day passes at PLN 169.

      Aquapark (recreational pool area, swimming pool, outdoor area)

      • Normal tickets to recreational pools (including the outdoor area) and the swimming pool cost PLN 60 per 2 h or PLN 85 for a day's entry. Discount tickets are PLN 50 and PLN 70, respectively.
      • Family tickets (2+1) cost PLN 145 per 2 h (an extra fee of PLN 15 is charged per each additional child) or PLN 189 for a day’s entry (plus PLN 30 per each additional child).
      • You can also purchase a 30-day pass for recreational pools and the swimming pool. It costs PLN 189.

      Outdoor area

      • Normal tickets to the outdoor area cost PLN 29 per 2 h or PLN 39 for a day's entry. Discount tickets are PLN 19 and PLN 29, respectively.

      Saunarium (sauna zone, recreational and swimming pool zone)

      • Normal tickets cost PLN 50 per 1 h, discount tickets are PLN 40. A day’s entry costs PLN 40 and PLN 30, respectively, and is only available in bundle with an Aquapark entry.
      • You can also purchase a 30-day pass for the sauna zone.

      Educational zone

      • A day’s entry to Educatorium is PLN 37 (normal) and PLN 29 (discount).
      • Family tickets (2+1) are PLN 85.
      • Group tickets are available (at the cost of normal/discount tickets + free entry for one adult for every 10 persons).
      • The auditorium is available for rent at PLN 200/h.
      • A pass for a series of workshops will cost PLN 100.
      • We will also offer tickets for special events and temporary exhibitions.

      Aquapark + Educatorium bundle (recreational pool zone, swimming pool, Educatorium)

      • A day’s entry is PLN 99 (normal) and PLN 85 (discount).
      • Family tickets (2+1) are PLN 240 (an extra fee of PLN 40 is charged per each additional child).
      • You can also get a 30-day open VIP pass for PLN 269 to have access to recreational pools and the swimming pool, as well as the sauna zone and Educatorium.

      Sports zone – includes a bowling alley and a climbing wall:

      • Bowling alley tickets are PLN 90 (normal) and PLN 80 (discount) per 1 h (one lane). Two-hour tickets are PLN 120 and PLN 110, respectively.
      • Climbing-wall entry prices are PLN 40 (normal) and PLN 35 (discount) per 3 h. Three climbs cost PLN 50. You can also get a 30-day pass for the climbing wall at PLN 239.

      Extra fees and discounts

      You will need to pay extra if you want extend your ticket to stay longer or go to a different zone.  In the water zone, the extra cost is PLN 1.00 per 1 minute per person. In the sauna zone, the extra cost is PLN 1.50 per 1 minute per person. In the sports zone, the extra cost is PLN 1.00 per 1 minute per person.

      Entry for children up to 3 years old is free. Discount tickets are available for children under 7 years old, persons with a disability card, primary and secondary school students (student ID card required), students of higher-educational institutions up to 25 years old (student ID card required), persons aged 65 and over (identity card required), as well as holders of the Szczecin Family Card and Big Family Card.

      We are currently negotiating a partnership with the operators of the Benefit Systems MultiSport and Medicover Sport cards.

      Preparations for the opening

      Fabryka Wody has successfully completed the inspection and approval process. The procedure for granting an operational license is underway. It is a time-consuming process that involves a thorough project review by the construction supervision authority. For safety reasons, this procedure should not be rushed. In the meantime, we are working on organisational matters. This includes the hiring process. Fabryka Wody will need about 300 employees (lifeguards, cashiers, customer service clerks, food-court staff, cleaning staff). What is more, individual zones will need to be provided with additional equipment and facilities.

      “We’re also planning a range of trials with visitors to find out if any organisational improvements can be made before the official opening. However, this has to wait until we have secured the operating license,” said Fabryka Wody’s Spokesman Piotr Zieliński.

      Fabryka Wody is located at 1 Maja 41 Street. The project has been designed by DreamWorlds by TKHolding and constructed by the consortium of ALSTAL Grupa Budowlana sp. z o.o. sp.k. and ALSTAL Real Estate sp. z o.o. It cost more than PLN 349.7 million. The furniture, fit-out and equipment for Educatorium has been delivered by MAE MULTIMEDIA ART. & EDUCATION SP. Z O.O. The exhibition project cost PLN 25.8 million.


      • Fabryka-Wody’s-prices.pdf



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