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      Changes in urban transport

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      Changes in urban transport

      Due to staff shortages, changes have been introduced to tram service, effective 16 September 2023.

      - For Line 2, timetable adjustments have been made on all days of the week.

      - For Line 6, the terminal stop has been moved from Rodła Square to the Philharmonic Hall, with timetable adjustments on all days of the week. On public holidays (except the New Year’s Day, Easter and Christmas), tram service on Line 6 will be provided jointly with Line 11 (with trams in both directions running via Hołdu Pruskiego Square).

      - For Line 7, timetable adjustments have been made on all days of the week. With a frequency of every 20 minutes, Lines 7 and 12 service will matched so as to enable transfers between Pomorzany and Szczecin Shipyard at the Szarych Szeregów Square stop.

      - Line 8 service will be provided only on weekdays at rush hours.

      - Line 10 service will be provided on all days of the week.

      - Except rush hours, Saturdays and holidays, Line 11 trams will operate on shorter routes between  Pomorzany and Żołnierza Polskiego Square (return via Hołdu Pruskiego Square).

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