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      A new project will plant thousands of trees and brushes. One has already been set on fire.

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      A new project will plant thousands of trees and brushes. One has already been set on fire.

      Words fail us. One of the tress has already been badly damaged... and the planting works in the city centre haven’t even ended. Some haven’t even started yet! This is no coincidence or accident. The Swedish whitebeam was set on fire.

      The subcontractor hopes that only the outer bark was damaged. If this is the case, the tree will survive. If the inner bark (living tissue) was damaged, the tree will wither away. The cost of a seedling this size is PLN 1,250 net. In Piłsudskiego Street, between Rodła Square and Matejki Street, field maples and two Swedish whitebeams will be planted to form a complete row.

      This work package will include a lot of plantings! Around 70 trees will be planted – 69 field maples and a European beech or a Swedish whitebeam. Complementing them will be several types of crocuses, as well as brushes and perennials:

      - 300 Japanese meadowsweets

      - 2,350 roses – The Fairy Rose variety

      - 1,270 roses – The Rosa Marathon variety

      - 540 lavenders – Hidcote Blue Lavandula augustifolia

      - 530 Spiraea x vanhouttei bushes

      Will the trees strike roots? There is no way of knowing this. The outcome will depend on factors beyond our control. Subcontractors and seedlings play no role here. This is the real tragedy. Vandals should think twice before damaging public property –  damaging bollards, pulling out brushes, scrawling on benches and shelters, placing stickers on poles and other features. The contractor will have to repair or replace them to get the project approved without a fault of its own.

      The plantings are part of the greenery that will appear as part of the Track revolution in some parts of Wyzwolenia Alley and Rodła Square.

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