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      A guided boat trip on the Oder River and Lake Dąbie

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      A guided boat trip on the Oder River and Lake Dąbie

      An opportunity to go on a boat trip on the Oder River and Lake Dąbie and to listen to maritime stories will come on 24 June. We invite whole families on board.

      During the cruise, you will listen to stories about pirates, sailors and fishermen who once lived in Szczecin and West Pomerania. You will learn about John Scolvus and Wyszak. You will have a chance to listen to the story about the great expedition of Duke Bogislaw X, and about the turbulent fate of Eric of Pomerania. There will also be legends about strange creatures which could once be encountered in Pomerania.

      The person to acquaint cruise participants with maritime stories is Małgorzata Duda, an experienced tour guide, specialising in family and children’s groups, author of a series of children's books entitled The Legends of West Pomerania and The Tales of the Wind series with the first volume entitled “On Fishermen, Sailors and Pirates”. On deck, there will be an opportunity to buy books and get the author’s inscription and autograph.

      The cruise will be held on board Kapitan Cook ship on 24 June. Passenger Pier at Dworzec Morski station,  7 Jana z Kolna St. A regular ticket costs PLN 80, and a discount ticket is PLN 60.

      Regular tickets are available on

      and discount tickets on

      For more information, contact us by phone: 91 434 04 40.

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