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      5th Szczecin Independence Run 2023 ‒ the registration process has begun!

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      5th Szczecin Independence Run 2023 ‒ the registration process has begun!

      It is time to plan a sports event to celebrate Poland’s regaining independence. As every year, we are inviting you to participate in Szczecin Independence Run. This year, the route will be set through the riverside boulevards and harbour areas. Registration started on 12 September at 12.00.

      There has never been a run like this before. A completely new route has been set for a special occasion. During this year’s 5th Szczecin Independence Run, runners will be competing in industrial port areas, covering a 5-km distance set in a unique scenery. Initially, the route will lead the runners along Szczecin boulevards. Then, they will run towards the Bosmanat building at Gdynia Boulevard, then back towards the North East Marina on Grodzka Island, round the building of the yacht port and along Tadeusza Wendy Street, to reach the premises of the Gryf Logistics Centre. Once there, they will be traversing the Bulgarian Quay, to eventually return to the hoisting equipment (‘Dźwigozaury’) via the former Wendy Street surrounded by historic buildings.

      The competition will take place on 11 November at 15.00, with a maximum of 300 competitors allowed on the start line. A competition for children has also be scheduled and will start on the same day at 13.30. Young runners will compete in different age groups and at different distances.

      Children born in 2016 or younger, distance: around 100 m:
      - 13.30 ‒ start: girls
      - 13.40 ‒ start: boys

      Children born in 2015 – 2014, distance: around 100 m:
      - 13.50 ‒ start: girls
      - 14.00 ‒ start: boys

      Children born in 2013 – 2012, distance: around 300 m:
      - 14.10 ‒ start: girls
      - 14.25 ‒ start: boys

      Children born in 2011 – 2009, distance: around 300 m:
      - 14.40 ‒ start: girls
      -14.50 ‒ start: boys

      Starting packages for the runs are available for purchase on: The sale started on 12 September at 12.00. Along with starting numbers and electronic time measurement devices, the packages also include gadgets. After crossing the finish line, the participants will receive commemorative medals.

      More details can be found on:


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