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      10th International Tourist Guide Day: Szczecin ‒ my city

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      10th International Tourist Guide Day: Szczecin ‒ my city

      This will be a truly unique opportunity for both Szczecin residents and tourists visiting the city on 25 February. On that day, at 11.00 am, as many as 31 qualified guides will gather at the Airmens Square to celebrate the 10th International Tourist Guide Day. On that occasion, they will take residents on the sightseeing tour to explore the most beautiful and fascinating spots in Szczecin.

      Żegluga Szczecińska Turystyka Wydarzenia together with the Westpomeranian Association of Tour Leaders and Guides invite you to the 10th International Tourist Guide Day in Szczecin, scheduled on 25 February. Guides have decided to use this opportunity to share their passion for the city, to show its character, and to let you explore the urban space you see each day, being unaware of its beginnings and history, or wondering what purpose it might serve.

      This years portfolio will include 22 routes. There will be limited numbers of participants for the routes including entries to facilities, which is why we will arrange 2-3 groups entering the facilities at different hours, so that more people could visit them conveniently.

      The participants will learn about the following:

      - What were the Szczecin “Roofs of Paris” and where were they located?

      - How many panoramas of Pomeranian cities can be admired on the frescos in the dance hall of the Palace of the Pomeranian Landowners?

      - Who was first to write down the history of Szczecin and when was that?

      - How many fans can the extended Pogoń stadium accommodate?

      - What has survived of the Szczecin Fortress until these days?

      - Where can you still see the Pewex advertising?

      - How many Stoewer car brands can you see in the Museum of Technology and Communication?

      - Why did Szczecin experience the 1950s spy-mania?

      - What colour was the mythological Triglav’s horse?

      - How many swimming pools and slides will be available in the Water Factory?

      A detailed description of the routes can be found here:

      The sightseeing will start at 11.00 am at the Airmen’s Square (in Polish: Plac Lotników) and it will end with a piano concert at the Archcathedral Basilica of St James the Apostle at 2.30 pm, with the exception of the two groups planning to visit the Water Factory. As the construction and finishing work at that facility is still in progress, entry will only be possible before noon.

      The portfolio will include both walks requiring a ticket and free walks, the latter not requiring any prior registration. The online registration of free tickets to participate in groups involving entries to facilities will be available on the following website:

      Registration starts on Friday (17 February) at 11.00 am.

      Please familiarise yourself with this year’s portfolio and limitations concerning entries to visited facilities. Once you choose the route, please check where and at what time the guide will be expecting you.

      Should you have any questions, please contact the Tourist Information Centre by phone (91 434 04 40), by e-mail (, or personally (pl. Żołnierza 20).

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