Grand sails are returning to Szczecin. We know the line-up of this year's TSR finals!

Marta Kufel

Marta Kufel

Grand sails are returning to Szczecin. We know the line-up of this year's TSR finals!

Grand sails are returning to Szczecin. We know the line-up of this year's TSR finals!

Tall ships are returning to Szczecin after 7 years. The finals of The Tall Ships Races will take place between 2 and 5 August, at the Chrobry Embankment and in Łasztownia, but most of all on the water.  The city is presenting the event agenda.

The artistic programme and music stars have always enjoyed huge interest, just like world famous sailing ships. Visitors eagerly participate in concerts and other entertaining events near the stage. On 2-5 August, we will have four stages at our disposal, located in various places and providing diverse sounds. 

On land

In Łasztownia, in the vicinity of Food Port, we are planning to set a local stage, intended for Szczecin-based artists. The second stage will dock at the Gdyński Boulevard, opposite the Customs Office. It is where we will have a chance to hear real sea shanties, intertwined with Celtic music, romantic ballads and folk music. The performers include such Szczecin bands as, among others, Dair, After Blues, Zemsta Królowej Anny, Ryczące Dwudziestki, Chango, and guests from various Polish regions: Klang, The Nierobbers, Chór Zawiszy, Flasch Creep, Cheap Tabaco, Wikingowie, Perły i Łotry, Kraków Street Band, Flaasch Creep, and Banana Boat.

The main stage will be set at Jan z Kolna St., and it is where the tree days of the event will be filled with concerts by Polish stars. Friday will start locally with a special concert by the Maritime University Choir conducted by Sylwia Fabiańczyk-Makuch, accompanied by the invited guests. On Saturday, we invite you to a disco under the sails, featuring such pop stars as Lanberry, Tribbs, Daria Marx, and Sylwia Grzeszczak. The evening will end at the rhythms of DJ Radio Eska.

On Sunday, you will have an opportunity to hear top performers playing rock, pop, electronic and alternative music. The TSR stage will feature Krzysztof Zalewski, Mery Spolsky, Smolik/Kev Fox, and Ikarus Feel.

All music concerts organised as part of the Tall Ship Races finals will be free-of-charge.    

On the water

The greatest stars of the August weekend are without doubt the tall ships. The units that are not taking part in the regatta were also invited to attend this sailing festival. That is why the Oder river quayside will be full. We are expecting around 65 ships to moor at the Szczecin docks between 2 and 5 August.  They include class A, B, C and D international stars from Denmark, Norway, Lithuania, Sweden, Germany, and the UK. Among them we will find ships that Szczecin residents are well familiar with and new guests that will sail for the first time to the capital of the Westpomeranian Region.

Such vessel is, for example, an Ecuadorian sailing ship called Guayas. This barque is nearly 79 metres long! Another exotic guest, well known in Szczecin, is the Brazilian white swan, a sailing ship called Cisne Branco. The list of foreign vessels also includes Grossherzogin Elisabeth, a German sailing ship. The event will also feature Polish representatives, such as the greatest Polish training sailing ship, Dar Młodzieży and the flagship sailing ship of the Polish Yachting Association - Kapitan Głowacki. 

Traditionally, all sailing ships mooring at the Szczecin docks will open up their decks for Szczecin residents and tourists. A tour of the deck provides a great opportunity to experience a bit of sea life. Conversations with crew members, shared photos and unique views – all this will be possible during the finals of the Tall Ships Races. The decks will be available to children attended by their guardians, and if safety considerations allow that, also to persons with disabilities (the width of the gangway and the mooring location are the decisive factors).

A surge of attractions for everyone

Accompanying attractions and game zones are an inherent part of the Tall Ships Races. Between 2 and 5 August, the two banks of the Oder river will be filled with proposals for ways to spend your free time actively and creatively. To help visitors move across the Oder river more easily and fast, we will provide two pontoon bridges connecting the left and the right bank.

Two children's zones will be opened for the youngest ones – the largest one will be located in Adama Mickiewicza Square, which is also where you will find the fourth stage featuring various types of animation activities, concerts, workshops, large format games, dance shows, and sports activities with a lot of sailing elements. The square will also be the venue for an interactive exhibition entitled WELFARE, a presentation of activities carried out by cultural institutions and school establishments.

Another children's zone will be located in Łasztownia, at Wielkiej Orkiestry Świątecznej Pomocy Square, where sports workshops and creative activities will be organised in collaboration with cultural event organisers and sports coaches. One of our fun fairs will be located near the zone in Łasztownia. Residents and tourists planning to visit the Szczecin finals will also enjoy a visit to two colourful fun fairs located on both sides of the Oder river. This is a perfect place to get immersed in good fun and experience a bit of craziness.

As for other attractions that will dock for good during the finals, be sure to visit our well known and popular stands that will be located both at the Chrobry Embankment and in Łasztownia as part of Under the Sails Fair. Under the Sails Fair also includes an exceptional artist alley which has been bringing together creators who wish to present their works and talent by preparing unique handicraft goods.

Those who get hungry will find their comfort at the food truck zone. A rally of “wheeled food establishments” from across Poland is a perfect opportunity to taste intriguing dishes in an extraordinary surrounding of beautiful sailing ships. Food truck zones will be located both in Łasztownia and on the side of Chrobry Embankment. The whole event area will house around 8 beer taverns serving not only the traditional pilsner, but also flavoured non-alcoholic beer.

One day is surely not enough to experience all the benefits prepared for the finals of the Tall Ships Races in Szczecin. It is worth planning some time for your visit well in advance. The crew parade is surely a must-see. This international colourful procession will start at the Chrobry Embankment and move to the Helena Majdaniec Summer Theatre.

The parade agenda will feature music, dance and artistic performances. This is an opportunity for the crews to introduce themselves to residents and tourists, creating an extraordinary cheerful sailing atmosphere spreading across the city! It is one of the parts of the finals of the Tall Ships Races that provides incredible experience, and all those who participated in this unique event at least once surely recall it with a smile on their face.

The 7th Festival of Brass Bands for the Mayor of Szczecin’s Cup 2024 is also an event that you just can’t miss. Eight brass bands sent in their submissions, and together they will play the Szczecin bugle-call and march along the streets and boulevards of the city.

Stay tuned!

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