Emerald Lake. Bufo bufo return

Marta Kufel

Marta Kufel

Emerald Lake. Bufo bufo return

Just like every year, spring marks the start of the European toad’s breeding season and migrations. To protect the amphibians, there may be restrictions on car traffic around Emerald Lake.

The grey toad (bufo bufo) is a protected species that inhabits our forests. During the mating season, the animals move towards water reservoirs where the females lay their eggs. 

One such traditional toad route leads through Kopalniana Street and the car park there, towards Emerald Lake. The safety of amphibians during this period each year is monitored by employees of the Urban Forestry Department. The main concern is to ensure that they do not perish under the wheels of cars approaching the lake.

“We are calling on drivers visiting the area to leave their cars in the lower car park, just behind the viaduct, for the duration of the toads’ wanderings and not to drive along Kopalniana Street. Eventually, the upper car park will be completely closed. The notice for drivers, along with directions to the lower car park, also appears on signs set up in the area,” said Paulina Lątka of the City Information Centre.

Furthermore, to reduce the presence of toads in the street, special geotextile fences will be built to keep the amphibians in a safe place. Then, by the water, they will be relocated by Urban Forestry employees. 

Toads are also present in the area of Goplana in the Arkoński Forest. This is where cyclists should pay special attention.

“All visitors who walk in the vicinity of Emerald Lake and Goplana and encounter bufo bufo toads on their way are asked not to try to move them and to leave space for the amphibians to roam,” Paulina Łątka added. 

Toad migrations and related activities are likely to continue for up to several weeks.

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