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      Вам подобається бігати з Вітрильним клубом? Цей абонемент для вас!

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      Вам подобається бігати з Вітрильним клубом? Цей абонемент для вас!

      A guaranteed bib number in every run organised by Żegluga Szczecińska, together with a free limited-edition medal hanger – this is what the purchase of a 2024 run season ticket offers.

      Żegluga's runs have been enjoying immense popularity for years. Thousands of contestants have crossed our finish lines. In this running season, we will have something exceptional for the regular participants of Żagluga Runs. The sale of run season tickets for 2024 begins on 6 December. The  season ticket includes a start package for 6 runs organised by Żegluga Szczecińska:

      - Szczecin Night Run 2024

      -1st Boulevard Run (June edition)

      - 2nd Boulevard Run (July edition)

      - 3rd Boulevard Run (August edition)

      - 4th Boulevard Run (September edition)

      - Szczecin Independence Run 2024

      It may only cost as little as 319 zloty to take part in all of these events! But remember that the number of season tickets is limited – only 50 runners will be able to be the proud owners of this unique package. Each package will be completed with a commemorative medal hanger. The hangers can be collected until 12 December at the Tourist Information Centre in Żołnierza Square.


      The season tickets are available on: 

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