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      Wiadomości Szczecin | Newsy z miasta 15.04.2022

      Robert Duchowski

      Robert Duchowski

      We would like to invite you to Łasztownia in Szczecin, to a series of Letnie Brzmienia outdoor concerts. In July and August, Łasztownia will accommodate some of the most popular Polish artists, including Sobel, Artur Rojek, Kortez and Bitamina, who will perform outdoors. Concert tickets will go on sale on Wednesday, 13 April 2022 (12.00), at, their prices starting at PLN 89. Three-code passes priced at PLN 279 will be available from Monday, 11 April 2022 (16.00) at

      Letnie Brzmienia is a nationwide tour of top Polish artists. In July, the series of concerts on Łasztownia will be opened by Artur Rojek (16.07) and Bitamina (17.07) with Jakub Skorupa performing as the support. The beginning of August will resound to the rhythm of music played by Kortez (3.08) and Sobel (4.08).

      Artur Rojek is an artist who has repeatedly proven that ambitious playing inspired by Western alternative music can be skilfully combined with the formula of a pop hit. His solo album Składam się z ciągłych powtórzeń [I consist of continual repetitions] was released in 2014, featuring such singles as Beksa [Cry-Baby], Syreny [Sirens] and Czas Który Pozostał [The time that has remained]. In 2020, Rojek released the album titled Kundel [Bottom dog], which was promoted by the two singles: Sportowe życie [Sporting life] and Bez końca [No End]. The artistic works of Bitamina, a band established jointly by Amar Ziembiński, Mateusz Dopieralski (Vito Bambino) and Piotr Sibiński, represents the experimental hip-hop and word-game style. So far the group has released five studio albums, including the latest titled Kwiaty i Korzenie [Flowers and roots] appearing in 2019. The singer, guitarist and songwriter Jakub Skorupa, born in Silesia, appeared on the Polish music scene in early 2021. This was when he released his debut track Pociągi towarowe [Freight trains]. In March this year, he released his debut album Zeszyt pierwszy [Notebook One]. 

      Kortez, a musician, composer and vocalist, captivated the Polish music audiences in 2015, having released his album titled Bumerang [Boomerang] featuring such hits as Zostań [Stay] and Z imbirem [Ginger-flavoured]. His music astounds with sensitivity, melody and peace, often hidden in melancholic songs. Finally, Sobel is one of the most popular artists in Poland whose career is developing at a high speed. Being well acquainted with both pop and hip-hop genres, he has made it to the top lists and has already managed to rank among the top five most popular artists in digital services in Poland. His music is listened to by over a million people each month, and this number is growing day by day.

      Schedule of concerts:

      16.07, at 20.00  Artur Rojek

      17.07, at 20.00  Bitamina + Jakub Skorupa

      03.08, at 20.00  Kortez

      04.08, at 20.00  Sobel


      Concert tickets will go on sale on Wednesday, 13 April 2022 (12.00), at, their prices starting at PLN 89. Three-code passes priced at PLN 279 will be available from Monday, 11 April 2022 (16.00), at The passes can be exchanged for 3 tickets at  The pass is intended for one person and entitles you (after exchanging the codes for the tickets) to attend 3 different events. It is not possible to exchange more than one code for a few tickets for the same event.

      Purchasing tickets outside the authorised points of sale (through Facebook, online auctions, etc.) triggers the risk of acquiring non-original or invalid tickets, which will not allow you to attend the concert.

      The detailed schedule of concerts can also be found on and Facebook. Concert dates and hours, as well as ticket prices vary from one event to another. All information should be checked on an ongoing basis in the Organiser’s profiles. We also recommend following the email notifications from the ticket office. The event’s regulations are available at: and


      Letnie Brzmienia is a nationwide summer series of over 100 outdoor concerts, staged in 13 cities and featuring 22 of the most popular artists. The Letnie Brzmienia concert tour runs throughout the summer holidays, with concerts taking place in Gdańsk, Lublin, Warsaw, Poznań, Wrocław, Rzeszów, Łódź, Szczecin, Bydgoszcz, Katowice, Bielsko-Biała, Kraków and Gorzów Wielkopolski. The detailed schedule of concerts can be found HERE. The Letnie Brzmienia series will conclude with a two-day final event, the date and venue of which will be announced soon.

      The series is organised by the Good Taste Production concert agency with as the strategic partner. The City of Szczecin, which acts as the organiser of Bulwary Miejsce Spotkań, has assumed the patronage of the series, while the media patrons include Radio Zet, Gazeta Wyborcza, AMS, Zwierciadło, Plejada, Onet, and

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