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      The swimming season has begun

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      The swimming season has begun

      On 15 June the swimming season at bathing places all over Poland has begun.  This means that lifeguards at Dąbie Dziewoklicz and Głębokie can already be seen. To enter you will need a ticket.

      This year, the bathing beach at Dąbie is undoubtedly the most popular. After redevelopment it is one of the most beautiful facilities in the region.

      “Playgrounds, barbecue areas, shelters, sun loungers, picnic tables and beach volleyball courts have appeared”, said Andrzej Kus, the city’s Spokesperson for Municipal Affairs and Environmental Protection.
      “Lots of trees have also been planted. Everything is illuminated and monitored. Turnstiles and bicycle parking can be found by the entrance. Subsequently, we walk along the beautiful promenade that leads us to the lake itself. A new social and administrative building has been built.”

      The bathing beach is open 7 days a week. Safety is ensured by five or more lifeguards. Children under the age of 6 may enter for free.

      A discount ticket for schoolchildren, students up to 26 years of age, pensioners and disability pensioners, upon presenting a valid ID card, costs 6 zlotys. A full-fare ticket costs 12 zlotys – no time limit.

      Changes at Dziewoklicz and Głębokie

      The entrance fee is 5 zlotys (a discount ticket) and 10 zlotys (a full-fare ticket). Persons with disabilities with one guardian will enter free of charge.

      There are inflatable bouncy castles on the water at both bathing places. Eating places with snacks and ice creams are also available.

      At Dziewoklicz at least five lifeguards ensure your safety, while at Głębokie at least seven do so every day.

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