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      The Norwegian airline relaunches flights to Oslo Gardemoen

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      The Norwegian airline relaunches flights to Oslo Gardemoen

      We have waited for this moment for 26 months! The Norwegian airline has returned after the coronavirus pandemic to our airport, and has relaunched flights to the main airport of Norway's capital city. The first flight on the Oslo – Szczecin route took place on 4 June 2022.

      There were as many as 172 passengers onboard during the first flight, 37% of which were citizens of Norway, for whom the flight to the Western Pomerania turned out to be an opportunity for a short holiday lasting a few days.

      “The fact that so many Norwegians have chosen to take the first flight to Szczecin after the break is the more pleasing taking into consideration that before the pandemic over half of the passengers using this connection were citizens of Norway, and the Western Pomerania was for them an interesting alternative for short holidays,” said Elwira Borecka from the Szczecin-Goleniów Airport. “We hope that the connection will continue to bring many tourists from the premium segment for our hotel industry.

      The route will be served by 189 local Boeing 738 – 800 planes, which will fly on each Tuesday and Saturday.

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