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      Вітрила 2023 для наймолодших

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      Вітрила 2023 для наймолодших

      The Polish-Ukrainian Szczecin Lagoonphotographic exhibition, awarded this years Sailing Award in the Event of the Year category, was today unveiled in the Presidential Gallery and is now open to visitors.

      The “Polish-Ukrainian Szczecin Lagoon” photographic exhibition was first launched in October 2022 in the Pomeranian Library, featuring photographs taken by nineteen young sailors. It was prepared jointly by the Szczecin photographers, Magda Kumor and Tomasz Seidler, and the sailors themselves. Before the cruise, the photographers had instructed the participants of the “Polish-Ukrainian youth cruise on the Szczecin Lagoon” on how to take quality photographs. A post-cruise exhibition was then prepared using the collected material. The photographs on display are a record of the moments spent together under sail, and of human emotions and sheer joy. Altogether, they provide a reflection of the Polish-Ukrainian friendship, and of sailing friendship as well.

      The cruise was attended by 15 Polish and 10 Ukrainian sailors. In July 2022, they sailed together on the Szczecin Lagoon and the Pomeranian Bay under the command of captains Jerzy Szwoch and Maciej Krzeptowski.

      The exhibition will be on display in the Presidential Gallery at the Szczecin City Hall until 8 September.

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