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      Створено міське підприємство з переробки електричних відходів

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      Створено міське підприємство з переробки електричних відходів

      AUTODOC, Europe's leading online retailer for car parts, opened a new “M40” logistics centre in Szczecin last Friday. This way AUTODOC tripled its warehouse area in Szczecin to 70,000 square metres.

      A warehouse with an area of 40,000 m2 has around 50,000 pallet spaces and is so far the largest warehouse operated by AUTODOC. 

      More space, better services

      To restock goods more quickly and increase production, M40 currently serves as a central restocking warehouse for all AUTODOC distribution centres. It stores around 200,000 products, and 15 million numbers of own-brand products, Ridex and Stark, which are shipped on an as-needed basis to distribution centres in Berlin (A), Szczecin (M13, M10) and soon to Cheb (C27),  reaching customers all over Europe. The flow of goods is nearly 1.5 million litres a day. 400,000 items are collected from the location every day, and distributed to other warehouses.

      “By leasing the ‘M 40’ we have created space for further development, we have gained flexibility and significantly expanded the portfolio of our original brands. Thanks to the increased and faster availability of our products we can provide high-quality services to our customers,” said Sven Herrmann, Senior Vice President Supply Chain Management at AUTODOC.

      Shared success in Szczecin

      Thanks to the most recent investment in Poland, AUTODOC continues its success path in Szczecin, in collaboration with our long-standing business partner, Accolade, international investor in industrial infrastructure.

      In 2018, AUTODOC opened another transshipment centre in Załom-Kasztanowe district in the vicinity of the A6 motorway. In 2020, the storage space in operation was extended by a semi-automatic distribution centre M13. With the opening of M40, Accolade also completed the construction of its largest logistics park in Poland, with a leasable area of 230,000 m2.

      “This multi-stage warehouse complex is the largest park in our Polish portfolio and second largest in Europe, giving way only to the park in Cheb. Accolade is a major investor in Szczecin in terms of warehouse space, and AUTODOC is our largest lessee. It is not only our shared success, but also the success of the city and the region. We can already observe the positive effects of the investment on the region. Smart and eco-friendly warehouse buildings have brought in new energy to the former industrial area. It attracted multiple world-class brands and resulted in the creation of 4,000 new jobs, said Lukas Repal, Chief Operating Officer at Accolade.

      A major employer in the region

      AUTODOC currently employs around 2,000 people from thirteen countries as warehouse operatives and administrative staff members at the logistics centre in Szczecin. Every day, there are on average 35,000 orders completed (at M13 and M10 distribution centres), with 140,000 products arranged into approximately 45,000 parcels sent to customers across Europe. With the total investment value of around 11 million euros, the Szczecin facility is currently AUTODOC’s most important logistic location.

      “We are proud that AUTODOC, leading online retailer for car parts, chose Szczecin as the location of its logistic operations. This confirms that a growing number of e-commerce companies see our country, and in particular our city, as an attractive location for their business activities. As a major employer, AUTODOC contributes to creating new jobs in the region, and makes it an even more friendly place to live,” says Marek Kubik, President of the Szczecin Metropolis Development Agency.

      The company has also conducted logistic operations in Berlin, Lichtenberg district, since 2010. In spring 2023, “C27”, a new logistic facility in Cheb in the Czech Republic, is due to be opened, being the company's another joint project implemented in collaboration with Accolade. It is estimated that 500 new workplaces will be created there.

      About AUTODOC

      AUTODOC is Europe's leading online retailer for car parts and accessories. The company, established in Berlin in 2008 by Alexey Erdle, Max Wegner and Vitalyi Kungel, soon became one of the most exciting internet companies in Europe. It has been operating as a European Public Limited-Liability Company called AUTODOC SE since November 2022. The Management Board members are Sandra Dax (co-CEO), Dmitri Zadorojnij (co-CEO), and Bert Althaus (CFO). In 2021, AUTODOC recorded sales at the level of over a billion euros (2020: EUR 842 million). AUTODOC has 4.8 million products for 166 car brands, 23 truck brands and 154 motorcycle brands in its portfolio. AUTODOC is present in 27 European countries and employs around 5,000 people in seven locations. In Szczecin, its subsidiary operates under the business name of AUTODOC Logistics sp. z o.o.

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