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      Tourist innovations for visitors

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      Tourist innovations for visitors

      Visiting Szczecin will be even more enjoyable in the upcoming tourist season. Thanks to mobile tools, tourists will be able to easily plan their stay in the city.

      During a meeting on Monday, new tools were presented that are to make it easier for visitors to explore our city. This is the result of numerous requests from industry representatives and from tourists who would like to find as much information as possible about Szczecin’s tourist proposal in one place.

      The first tool is the Tours Szczecin platform, colloquially known as Wycieczkownik (Tour Book), where you will find up-to-date suggestions for tours across Szczecin and its surroundings. By visiting  you can choose an activity for each and every day and immerse in the history of the world around you. On the website you will find paid and free options, and browsing is facilitated by the convenient resource sorting and filtering system. The platform is available in three languages: Polish, German and English.

      “The ‘Tour Book’ was created for the staff of the Tourist Information Centre two years ago. The idea was to gather information on various events from which we could learn something about Szczecin or its surroundings. Today, we can present to you the platform which brings together all events and tours in one place,” said Szymon Maksymiuk, an employee of the Tourist Information Centre. “The website features not only the sightseeing walks themselves, but also events of a different nature, namely indoor events, such as vernissages, closing days, exhibitions, and lectures about the history of Szczecin. Each language version has a QR code that allows tourists to quickly scan it and find the information on their mobile devices.

      “Very often, tourists do not even visit the Tourist Information Centre, but rather rely on the information they’ve received at hotel receptions. From now on we have tools that present our tourist proposal in an easy and convenient way,” said Anna Rojek, ŻSTW tourist specialist. “We encourage all tourist organisations and partners, including those in Germany, to send us information about events that are also taking place on their side, as the ‘Tour Book’ offers not only Szczecin-based events, but also those that are taking place in the surrounding areas, so that we can keep tourists in our region for a longer time.

      The next tool will be the Explore Szczecin audio guide app, which will be available for download on mobile devices starting from the end of this month. The Explore Szczecin app features ready-made tour proposals with detailed descriptions of places of interest based on the City Tourist Route.

      “The Explore Szczecin App is particularly useful for tourists on foot. We have created several other hiking proposals based on the red trail. The app shows our current geographical position. In addition to being able to walk around and read about the places we are passing by, we can also listen about them, as Explore Szczecin features a voiceover as well,” explained Szymon Maksymiuk.

      Users will have a chance to choose from 10 routes, on which we have designated places of interest, attractions and fun facts. The routes vary in length and cover a variety of topics, including: Around the Old Town; Historic New Town;  in the footsteps of the Griffin Dynasty; and the Szczecin Fortress.

      “At this point, we can set aside our phones, put on our headphones and walk around Szczecin, listening to what the voiceover tells us about the places along the route,” added Szymon Maksymiuk.

      The app will be available for download within the next two weeks on Google Play (Android) and AppStore (iOS).

      A proposal that is already popular and of great interest to tourists and residents alike includes the Urban Guided Walks. This year, the tours will start on 1 June and will take place every Saturday until 28 September. The tourists will be guided in three languages: Polish, German and English.

      “There will be 18 walks this year, with ticket sales launching at the end of the week, but you can take a look at the list of walks and plan your tours today,” said Anna Rojek.

      Dates and themes of the walks

      01.06.2024      Dawid Gajkowski - The Green Face of Szczecin

      08.06.2024      Małgorzata Duda - In the Footsteps of Sydonia von Borcke

      15.06.2024      Magdalena Olejniczak - Szczecin – Berlin inspirations

      22.06.2024      Tomasz Duda – About pirates, fishermen, sailors and other men of sea

      29.06.2024      Katarzyna Jackowska – Musical Szczecin

      06.07.2024      Tomasz Wieczorek – The incredible ladies of Szczecin

      13.07.2024      Jacek Woch – First encounter with Szczecin

      20.07.2024      Katarzyna Jackowska - Szczecin 1912

      27.07.2024      Jacek Woch – The City built on herring

      03.08.2024      Joanna Olszowska – Central Cemetery  - Garden of Remembrance and Reflection

      10.08.2024      Tomasz Wieczorek – Multinational Szczecin

      17.08.2024      Magdalena Hanusz – Szczecin on old postcards and photographs

      24.08.2024      Maciej Dobromilski – Through Szczecin to the sea – riverside boulevards

      31.08.2024      Szymon Maksymiuk – How Stettin became Szczecin

      07.09.2024      Maciej Dobromilski – Historical transformations of Szcecin

      14.09.2024      Daria Zając – The bloody stories of Szczecin

      21.09.2024      Dawid Gajkowski – The Szczecin Fortress 1724 -1873

      28.09.2024      Joanna Olszowska – The Charm of old Szczecin

      Detailed information about the tourist attractions of Szczecin can be found at

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