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      The summer season in Łasztownia and Grodzka Island is here.

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      The summer season in Łasztownia and Grodzka Island is here.

      The Summer season in Szczecin’s Łasztownia has started off in full swing. The diverse food zone and the Urban Summer Zone in nearby Grodzka Island, a beach in the very city centre, are ready to welcome guests.

      The Foodport zone is situated near the entrance to Grodzka Island and close to the bridge leading to the marina. The zone is widely popular with residents and tourists. This year, 21 food establishments will take care of your culinary experience by providing a rich and versatile proposal.

      Ice cream enthusiasts will have a tough nut to crack, as they will need to choose from about a dozen types. Visitors who have a sweet tooth will surely appreciate kołacz pie and wafers, and coffee enthusiasts will have an opportunity to taste its several types. Of course, this is not all, the menu is also full of various meat dishes, potato chips, kebabs, zapiekanka sandwiches or pizza. The zone will be open until early September.

      On the neighbouring Grodzka Island, a new season of the Urban Summer Zone was officially launched during May holiday. A bar was opened there and deckchairs were provided. It is one of the most popular places to visit in the summer season. Residents and tourists may relax on beach sand in the very centre of the city. In the summer, it will become a venue for numerous concerts, parties, comedian performances, and unique attractions prepared with children in mind.

      For more details, go to the “Bulwary Miejsce Spotkań” page on Facebook (“The Boulevards - A Meeting Place”).

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