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      The first Fast Urban Railway trains

      Natalia Mróz

      Natalia Mróz

      The first Fast Urban Railway trains

      Szczecin will allocate over PLN 1.7 million for additional connections along Fast Urban Railway routes. This is the first stage of launching the Szczecin Metropolitan Railway, which is to revolutionise public transport in the Szczecin Metropolitan Area. 

      With the subsidies of the City of Szczecin and other Fast Urban Railway partners, 14 additional train pairs will run along its routes starting 10 March. This is a significant improvement for passengers travelling to and from Szczecin.

      “The addition will be on the lines: Szczecin – Stargard, Szczecin – Goleniów and Szczecin – Gryfino. In the first two, passengers will have 4 more train pairs, and in the latter – 6 train pairs. Additional trains will be included in the current network of connections,” said Paulina Łątka from the City Information Centre.

      Agglomeration transport along Fast Urban Railway routes will be organised by the Zachodniopomorskie Region, and partner municipalities are to transfer funds for this purpose.  For this purpose, the Szczecin City Council needs to grant its consent for the designated subsidy for Zachodniopomorskie Region. The issue will be voted on during the extraordinary session on 7 March.

      The subsidy from the Szczecin Municipality will be PLN 1,755,116, and the total amount of subsidies from all municipalities – PLN 4,360,138. 

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